Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Arm Pits

Well, I write about everything else around here so why not?

In case you don't know this about me, I think I have cancer about every four months.

Don't laugh.

It's for real.

Is there a fear of getting cancer? I'm sure there's a word for it. Well...I have that. It's not life consuming or anything, but I must acknowledge that it's there. I know I shouldn't live in fear of cancer. I'm not saying it's right. I'm just admitting I do and have been known to say to the Lord, "I'm sorry I am always afraid of cancer."

If I have a headache I think it's a tumor and find myself regretting that I haven't been more diligent about scrapbooking and then brainstorming nannies for Aaron to hire when I die. And yes. Multiple nannies. That's how many I think it would take to keep things afloat around here. A lot of pride comes out during these imagined near-death experiences. At some point (usually during the imaginary nanny interviews where I coldly dismiss all "the others" and hire Mary Poppins) I stop myself and realize how dumb I'm being (about the cancer...not Mary Poppins. I totally know she'd come here.)

If one of my children's lymph nodes are swollen it's straight to the Amazing Doctor Bacak they go. Pretty sad when your doctor knows the first thing he needs to tell you after examining your son's neck is..."It's not cancer." I've gone to the doctor for suspected leg cancer, eye cancer, esophagus cancer..you get the gist.

I don't think anyone in my family (blood related) has ever had cancer, so I'm unsure why I jump to the cancer conclusion so quickly. I'm not a hypochondriac in any other way. Promise. My kids rarely get sick and go to the doctor practically never (except when I'm sure they have cancer). They also don't go to the dentist very often either (something I need to change). Aaron thinks the dentist is a bunch of hoo-do, so he doesn't help in my need to be more responsible with teeth cleanings.

Cancer scares me. Maybe I've watched way too many lifetime movies. Who knows.

Part of my fear of cancer is silly. Part of it may not be. Because of the way people eat these days, and how our food is grown I think we may have some real reasons to be careful. Maybe it is wise to want to get back to eating healthier foods the way God created them instead of eating food a business created in a factory (exhibit A: Velveeta. What the crap is that stuff? I'm pretty sure Velveeta was a failed experiment for the space shuttle program that some Nasa Scientist in "product recovery" added cheese "flavoring" to giving the block of "what in the world is this" a new purpose. Goodbye lab. Hello grocery store.) I just read recently that our generation is the first generation predicted to not live longer than our parents and grandparents. Crazy!

This will make you laugh:

I think it might be wise to want to get back to doing things with an acknowledgment of the way God created our world to run (as best we can). It's probably good to want to honor God by how our food is grown, and the way we eat. I'll admit that I'm growing more and more cautious of big business (particularly the food industry). We probably need to be cautious of anything fueled by greed and money. The Bible teaches us how corrupt we can become if we're pursuing personal gain.

I want my "fear of cancer" to be more than silly fear. I want a healthy fear of God and the way He designed our world to work and our bodies to run. I want to honor Him as Creator who knows more about what our bodies need than we do or big business probably does. I'm just not completely there yet.

Food aside, Kirby has thoroughly freaked me out recently about my antiperspirant.

So I made the switch.

Lynsey gave me some of the deodorant pictured above.

This deodorant does not contain aluminum (an ingredient that may possibly cause cancer or Alzheimers). I guess if you could get cancer and Alzheimers that might not be so bad. You'd forget you had cancer, I guess. The problem is I don't think you can guarantee you'll get both cancer and Alzheimers so I want to be careful. I shouldn't joke about these things. That one was just too tempting.

To some people an antiperspirant without aluminum may mean it's a deodorant without anything in it that actually works. So far I am pleased to announce that I haven't been e-stinky (say that like Nacho Libre) but I'm not sure if it actually keeps me from sweating. It's winter. I'm freezing. The summer might be a whole new world with my new non-cancerous arm pits.

Before I agreed to make the switch and sweat like a man, I read a lot online about whether or not antiperspirants (and the aluminum inside them) is linked to cancer (specifically breast cancer).

The studies are inconclusive. Many studies found a definite link. Many others were not so sure. Everyone in the cancer field seems to agree more research needs to be done before antiperspirants can be ruled out as carcinogens.

"Inconclusive" has always been enough to sway me towards being more cautious.

Just wanted to personally vouch that this deodorant works in the winter when I'm not super sweaty. That's all I know for now. It's the same price as name brand antiperspirant. I'll do an armpit follow up mid summer, okay?

I've heard you can make your own deodorant out of vodka. You better believe I'm looking into that. Any legit reason to buy vodka sounds cool to me. Then I can have Vodka in my bathroom like skanky Mrs. Hannigan.

dream. come. true. (eyes rolling)


Karen said...

This is as funny a post as your post on Aaron needing to use the restroom at WalMart. Thanks for the morning laugh! Not sure that's what you wanted to hear, but it was stinking funny. Karen at http://tuckedintohim.blogspot.com/

The Kramer Family said...

Oh man! That commercial is hysterical!!!! "Chickens that will lay 16 eggs a day......that's a lot for a chicken." hahaha!

There is a lot of truth behind that commercial as ridiculous as it sounds. I don't feel we are too far off from injecting antidepressants into veggies.

Glad you like the deodorant. We've been using it for about 3 years now and I can say with certainty its one of my favs.....the vodka one might trump it though:).

In the summer time, I do "sweat" just a bit. I've been pregnant most of the last few summers so that means I would sweat anyways. But, at least the sweat doesn't smell like a Whataburger.

love you crazies!

Ricci said...

Mrs. Hannigan. Arm pits. Cancer.

All in one post, Heather?

This was too much. Josh was trying to read a book and I kept interrupting him. I think he was also glad he wasn't shadowing Rusty when you came in with a "cancer growth" somewhere.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comedy!

Also, God made you (us) to sweat!

Sweating doesn't make you less of a woman, or more of a person, it just happens as our body's way of eliminating toxins. Antiperspirants (as you've probably read), prevent that elimination from happening.

We first used the Thai Crystal stick, but after a couple years our bodies got used to it and it wasn't as effective at keeping odor at bay. But seriously, one stick lasted both Sherman and I for like 3 years! (Yes, we share deodorant :).

Now we use the homemade stuff with baking soda, corn starch, and coconut oil- no vodka :) It's super simple and SUPER, super cheap! I got it from Rachel Supersinski's blog. I add some essential oil to give it some fragrance. It works great!

One last thing about sweating: I'm pretty sure your body regulates how much sweat it produces once it is able to produce it freely. We still sweat, but not near as much as when we first made the switch.

If you ever go to the "no-poo" method for washing your hair, you're hair/scalp will go through a similar adjustment period where it balances it's natural oils.

Pretty cool stuff!

The Lourceys said...

Oh I love this. Another legit reason to purchase vodka... http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2009/11/homemade-vanilla-extract.html

Kirby said...

I had a good giggle over the cancer and Alzheimer's...maybe I shouldn't have, but I did.

Yes, you will definitely probably start sweating in a couple months, but at least you won't get breast cancer from aluminium in your pits. I agree with Rachel that I noticed that after several months, I didn't sweat quite as much as when I first started using it.

Rachel, the Thai crystal made ME smell but NOT Charlie...I think I must be naturally smellier than him. AND, I have been wondering about the "no poo" method! I've been wanting to hear from someone that I know in real life...not just a blog...so, maybe you should write a blog post about this...you could be a guest blogger for Heather. Like how I am arranging this?

Now, Heather, we just need to get you hooked on the diva cup! That may be a little too scandalous to write about on your blog. I have to tell you two things about the DC...one very interesting and one very funny, remind me next time I see you.

Hendrick Family said...

I have no idea what the no poo thing is you're talking about...so yes, Rachel needs to inform us!

And one day I'll get brave enough to talk about the diva cup. One day.


LD said...

Please don't talk about the diva cup. I cut people's flesh out and drain nasty cysts for a living and the diva cup grosses me out. For reals.

I just wanted to inform you that laser hair removal = less sweating. No joke. I think the heat from the laser actually destroys some of the sweat glands. I don't really have any solid research for you, but I can tell you that I have lasered mine and I sweat less.... plus no shaving! Woohoo! I love the random perks of my job. You should come visit and we can test out my theory.

mandi said...

let me just say- you're gonna sweat. but you've got to embrace that. i'm pretty much a non-deo wearer, but i've used this particular brand, and many (many) other natural brands, and you sweat with all of them. but that's good. you want to sweat the bad stuff out!

just read the other comments- i totally blogged about the diva cup. no shame.

and no-poo. i didn't love it. i have to be honest here. i keep my hair pretty long, and i consider it a public service to have it looking somewhat nice. so i stick to aubrey organics shampoo.

Bob & Judy said...

Maybe it won't be the same for everyone, but when I quit using anti-persp, it was like I was carrying around a dead animal under my arms. For a few weeks. Yes, weeks.

But once you sweat normally for awhile, everything smells healthier. Still not what you want to share with neighbors, but normal.

shauna maness said...

heather, try thieves toothpaste from youngliving- it smells awesome & has a baking soda base so it helps with the sweating... it's awesome- (once you get over using toothpaste in your underarms)

lyns could order it for you!

Hendrick Family said...

Oooh! I'll try that, Shauna!


MacKenzie said...

Just have to say, I too have blogged about my love for the diva cup. It rocks!

I did no-poo for about 6 months and after the adjustment period, I really liked it. I only stopped because pregnancy hormones made my hair get all crazy but I want to start up again eventually.

Rachel said...

I haven't used antiperspirants for two years (or has it been three? I stopped counting) and I love it! You will sweat a ton as your body adjusts to not using them, but things will regulate. I quit in the summer, can you imagine? You were made to sweat! Embrace it.

I do have a recipe for homemade deodorant on my blog. I love it more than anything I ever purchased. http://www.supercinski.net/2008/12/recipe-of-the-week-homemade-deodorant/

I changed it to use double the amount of cornstarch and a little less baking soda. There is no chaffing from the baking soda that way.