Thursday, January 14, 2010

Touching Story and T-Shirts

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Photo above and story copied from this site:

Austin family away from son in Haiti
Son is alive, but thousands of orphans in need

Updated: Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010, 7:18 PM CST
Published : Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010, 5:51 PM CST

"AUSTIN (KXAN) - An Austin family is one of hundreds with ties to the poor country of Haiti, but their story took a dramatic turn Tuesday when a major earthquake hit the country.

Singer and songwriter Aaron Ivey and his family live in Austin. They recently adopted a 2-year-old girl from Haiti named Story.

"She came home a couple of months ago," Ivey said. "She embodies this great story; this story that's going on all around the world where orphans find a mom and find a dad and find a home."

Yet his newly adopted son, Amos, 4, rode through the earthquake in Haiti. Amos was still waiting to come to the United States. The Haitian government delayed his paperwork in 2009.

Through a blog post at the rescue center where Amos lives about 20 miles outside of the capital Port-au-Prince, Ivey learned his son is alive after the quake.

"I think about Amos today who is in the middle of all this devastation," said Ivey. "My heart breaks for him I wish I was there as a father."

Ivey leads worship for The Austin Stone Community Church and released a song called "Amos Story" earlier this year about his struggle to adopt his two children from the impoverished country.

"There's a lyric in the song that says 'Another sunrise hits the ground. It's another dark lonely night. I'll find a way to get you here,'" Ivey said. "[There's] this picture of the sense of darkness that's come over the people there. But there's just this picture of hope going on right now and God doing great things in the middle of this tragedy."

Meanwhile, his wife Jamie has stayed connected to constant updates on the internet about the country, including the rescue center
Real Hope For Haiti . "There are just tons of kids that need help," she said. "Our prayer is that they would want to speed up the [adopted] children out." The Iveys still do not know what happened to the building where Amos' paperwork is held. They pray they will learn soon what will happen to their son. They are still in constant contact through the rescue center's blog. They are also keeping people updated on Amos' situation at Ivey's blog ."



Can you imagine your child being caught up in the middle of this devastation and not being able to get to them?

The kids and I just listened to President Obama update us on the Haiti situation. The US has promised 100 million in aid.

100 million in aid? That's a lot of money. It might be easy to kick back and think, "Wow. 100 million dollars going to Haiti. I probably don't need to give."

Well, right after Obama's announcement was made another person was interviewed that mentioned giving to faith based organizations in Haiti is the best, most effective way to get money and supplies to the people who need them the most. Apparently government stuff is a lot more tricky. Giving to faith based organizations guarantees our money goes directly to the place we want it to go and helps with these needs immediately.



The Iveys (mentioned above) have created a t-shirt to help with the efforts in Haiti. You can buy the t-shirts here.

From the Ivey's blog:

"100% of the profit of each shirt goes directly to two organizations we also believe in and have a long-term relationship with. Real Hope For Haiti and Heartline (which is where the Livesays serve in PAP). Both of these places are getting critically low on supplies. We had already sold 100 shirts after having the shirts available for just a few hours. Keep spreading the word. And if you’re a ministry, church, band, apparel store…you can purchase these shirts in bulk at cost to help raise funds. We’ll get these funds directly to these ministries swiftly so they can begin to use the money to purchase those necessary relief items."

To keep up with the Ivey's adoption story and know how to pray for this family (and Amos) check back at their blog often:

Ivey's blog

Also, I have been looking at this blog:

Real Hope for Haiti

It's easy to read this blog, look at the pictures and know how to specifically pray throughout the day. Look at all those babies asleep on the ground. Can't look at it without crying.


Jaime Ivey said something in the article above that stuck with me.

Something about wondering if the Haitian Government will speed up adoptions because of this earthquake. Let's pray that they do. heart is stirred. What if more babies from Haiti will need homes?

It's one thing to say I will adopt again, but if I'm not ready to adopt again then do I really mean what I'm saying? If I've never contacted an agency or actually "done" anything my "willingness" to adopt is probably a little skewed. Babies don't fall out of the sky. No one is going to call me on my cell phone and ask if I'll take a baby from Haiti. I have work to do.

I'm using nap time today to figure out how to be ready in case a child from Haiti needs a home.

In the meantime maybe we can all buy a t-shirt!

It would also be helpful if we all spread the word about the t-shirts through email, facebook and blogs. Maybe your church or organization will want to buy some shirts in bulk.

Looking forward to how the Lord is going to use His people to be a blessing to Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Heather! I'm glad that you are touched by the Iveys story. If I were out of school and you know, married, I would totally get on board to adopt one of those precious babies. I'm glad that there are families like y'all in my church :) -meredith

Hendrick Family said...


Again and again...thank you for keeping us informed. You are a sweet blessing to us personally (and all the others who gather here every day).


The Williams Family said...

The church we're attending has a spot on their website that you can donate money to go to the Missionaries and Aid in Haiti.
Then click on Haiti Aid link at the bottom of the page. The church already has a relationship with missionaries there and we personally know of the impact this church makes in devestated countries, so I know the money would be used wisely and to truly help....So if anyone is interested in giving that way, its just another option.

Robyn said...

This is a link to my etsy shop I am selling pictures of my time in Haiti and the money will go straight to Haiti through the organization I went through.

They work with a Haitian pastor who runs an organization call Spirit of Truth Ministries. He oversees 7 churches, 3 schools, and 2 orphanages.

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

Heather, I love your new header! Good job!!!! You all look wonderful....and WHEN did your boys get so big? :( Thank goodness you still have a baby in the house! (I miss those days!)