Thursday, January 21, 2010

For the locals...

"David Mebane, Class of ’98 and owner of Spoons in College station, is donating every penny in sales he receives {today} (Thursday, January 21st) to the American Red Cross. If you haven’t been there, the yogurt is awesome. Let’s see if we can assist him in breaking record sales while helping those less fortunate." (Copied from the Spoons Facebook group)

If you haven't checked out Spoons yet today is the day!

Ross King wrote some funny funny things about Spoons...

"So a couple of days ago, Staci and I decided to take the kids to this new locally-owned yogurt shop here in town. Everybody's been making a big deal about it, and it's basically ice cream that lets you pretend you're not a gluttonous double-wide lardo, so of course we thought we should check it out."

To laugh a little harder, read the rest of the post here. If a land flowing with sweetened condensed milk doesn't sell you on eating at Spoons today, then hopefully the dire need of the Haitian people will.

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Rachel said...

Thanks, Heather!

Our plan is go tonight with our Community Group!