Friday, September 25, 2009

Unce D

My uncle passed away this morning.

We're heading out of town to be with our family.

This is the first person close to me that has passed away.

It's very sad, but my eyes fill with tears thinking of my uncle seeing Jesus today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hooray for Fall

32 times I've felt summer turn to fall

Yet I stood outside with the boys on the back porch yesterday morning and kept saying...

Isn't this crazy? Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it a miracle?

What is it about the cooler weather that makes dogs, little boys and mothers want to run around in the backyard...act though we're being tickled by the refrigerated wind?

No matter how many falls I live through I laugh at how shocked I am that summer really turns to fall.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Bringin' it Back Yall

Yesterday we had tea at the Hendrick House.

Not sweet tea.

We cooked up some shortbread cookies and made hot tea...

like we were British.

We've been studying England this week. Super fun.

I took the boys to the store...let them pick out some tea and even bought some sugar cubes just so I could say, in the worst English accent...

"One lump or two?"

It was a festive time.



Nice to sit with my boys after a full day of school work...sip hot tea and talk.

It was ultra ghetto. Seriously. Take a look at that picture. I didn't have ANY teacups. None. My coffee cups don't match. I do not have a tea pot. Anson remembered that Lynsey gave us a sugar and creamer set. They are decorations in my kitchen. I forgot you could actually use them. Tea time was hideous. Martha Stewart would have had to "excuse herself" and go vomit somewhere.

Sipping our trashy of the boys said, "Why don't we do this every day?"

I said, "The British do. Isn't that cool?"

They decided they wanted to be British.

Why are Americans so lame?

We don't have anything cool going on here in the afternoons.

In Mexico...they get siestas. Naps during the day. Can you imagine that?

The British drink tea.

I wish I could be Mexican Englican and drink some tea every day then take a nap.

But alas...

No naps and no tea in this country.

I've read tons and tons of old books filled with stories of people dropping in for tea.

How quaint is that?

What must it have been like to be less have time to sit every day and talk to friends for a few minutes while offering them a cup of tea and a scone.

I called Aaron after tea yesterday and said...

"We just had tea. I want to have tea time every day. With cookies."

"You want to be British?" Aaron asked.

Sometimes I bet he wishes I would call and say things like..."How's your day?"

"No. I don't want to be British. They don't even "have tea" anymore. I looked it up on the internet."

"That's because everyone is too busy. It's sad," Aaron said.

It is.

Well...the British can quit tea, but it's making a come back over here in our house.

We're going to our insides up...chill out and enjoy each other and enjoy life.

I'm going to try it. Afternoon tea. I'm super flaky so this might not stick...but I'm going to give it my best effort.

Garage sales...look out. I'm going British. I need some tea stuff.

Note to self: Add shortbread cookies to baking day on Monday.

Another note to self: Maybe some days you should drink hot tea and eat grapes...just so you stay in your jeans.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My friend Brandi invited me to contribute to a new blog called Family Supper Club.

I love Brandi.

She's smart and cool.

She is a real live MD...who decided to be a stay-at-home mom after her kids were born.


I told you.


This new blog idea is genius.

A great description of the blog...

Come see what real families are eating. Meal plans, recipes, successes and failures, takeout confessions, cookbook and equipment reviews, and whatever else we think of. All from real people cooking for real families, with schedules and budgets and priorities. Some are finicky; some are gourmet. Some are green, some like fast food, some stick with meat and potatoes. Some are Julia Child, and others are Sara Lee. This is what we eat.

Oh how I love real people being real.

These families are so interesting. Some cook primarily vegetarian...some vegan...some from scratch...some not so much. What a great mixture. I'm already learning a lot.

My favorite part....

My sister-in-law is contributing as well. What a sweet thing to do with Lynsey!

Mandi from the herbanhomestead is linked on my blog. You will find her at the Supper Club.

Mandi, Mandi.

I want to be Mandi.

She grinds her own wheat. Talk about the Little Red Hen. I love that girl. I want to go intern in her kitchen.

Head on over to The Family Supper Club and meet some of these women! Mostly introductions are going on now, but I'm looking forward to getting lots of new recipes as well as practical ideas for planning menus, grocery lists and what not. If it has to do with food...I'm sure it's gonna get talked about with all these creative, diverse women in the kitchen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Film Festival

Rachel H was telling me about this film festival the other day. She sent me the information.

It's in the Woodlands...not far from here.

If we DID NOT have soccer games during this thing and we DID have a nanny, we'd go. Looks super cool.

Does anyone want to go? You can get a group together right here on the blog. Then Aaron and I will know exactly who to be jealous of. I just ended a sentence with "of"...but so what.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Family Driven Faith Winner video...see below.

Anson drew:

Jana's name as the winner of Family Driven Faith!


Email me your address, Jana and I'll ask Amazon to send it your way!

*Prizes must be claimed by Monday, September 14.

$20 Target e-gift card videos of the drawings this week. That's just too much to do with school going on today.

No time for making videos when you're busy learning The Mexican Hat Dance and studying Diego Rivera.

Promise these drawings are being done on the up and up. I am putting the names in a sack and the boys are drawing the winners today.

Hayden's hand decided the winner of the $20 e-gift card is...


If that's you...please email me:

I'll send you your gift card.

Happy Shopping!!

Drawing for Family Driven Faith is next!

* Prizes must be claimed by Monday, September 14.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Call

The promo code (that lands you 5 swagbucks for signing up through Sit a Spell) ends tonight, and so does your chance to enter the drawing for a $20 e-Target gift card.

Details here.

By downloading the toolbar, I've made one swagbuck every day (plus the ones I make searching).

Anyone have questions about how swagbucks works? I'll gladly answer them.

One of my favorite things is getting free stuff with my swagbucks. I just ordered the kid's version of the Farmer's Almanac for the boys and the Whole Foods Market Cookbook for our family's personal chef (me).

I want you to get free stuff too! How can I help? Questions? I'll answer them...or try my best.

While Writing Ws

Pencil in his fleshy hand

Concentrating very hard

Little huffs....little puffs

As if writing W's is as difficult as running a mile

Ashton pauses


chin on table

pencil in hand

eyes on paper

"What's wrong, Ashton?"


"Ashton...what's the matter....can you finish your row of W's?"

And then he invited me inside his head

what a sweet honor



"Mom. I just drew Patrick's legs."

What? Patrick? Who is Patrick?

And then I saw it too...

Patrick's legs...hiding in my baby's row of Ws.

Aren't kids fantastic?

Isn't Kindergarten fun?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Garden Kind of Morning

Loaded up the whole family this morning and headed to Producer's Coop. Aaron, Hudson and I took a class on fall gardening. Anson, Hayden and Ashton went to a kid-friendly class to learn some gardening skills as well.

Hayden took his spiral and drew everything in sight.

While we were in the grown up class, the speaker said something like..."If you're new at gardening, grow cherry tomatoes. If you can't grow cherry tomatoes...we can't help you."

Oh crap.

I leaned over to Aaron and said, "Well...might as well load up the kids, honey."

We planted multiple packs of cherry tomatoes this summer and got like...six tomatoes?

We came home and finished planting our rows of fall garden plants into our newly tilled garden spot.

Try, try again...we have about worn out that motto.

But I don't care.

We're going to keep at it.

In the class today the speaker mentioned how good gardening is for kids. How rewarding.

I love that they are learning about hard work. Delayed gratification. The joy of feeling like you took care of something and were rewarded by the fruit of your labor.

Here we go again...on yet another garden adventure.

Speaking of gardening...we're learning to compost on September 19. Thomas Supercinski is offering a free class. Our family and several others are joining together to learn how to turn garbage into soil!

If you want to come, let Thomas know. We'd love to learn with you!


Anyone else growing a fall garden? If so...what cha plantin'?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Don't Forget

There's one more day for the swagbuck promo!

I'm giving away a $20 Target e-gift card in a drawing for those who sign up for swagbucks through this blog or download the toolbar.

Plus...for signing up through this blog, you get FIVE swagbucks with the promo code. Rock on.

You can win 30 swagbucks this month with the new toolbar. How nice is that?

Swagbucks is also featuring a new section in the swag store...Back to School Gear.

For details on the drawing and the promo code go here!

Within one month, you could probably buy an Amazon e-gift card. Sweet.

A Beard with Breasts

I've heard rumor for months now that there is this man/lady floating around college station.

People spot him.

They tell me about it.

I say, "Dang it. Why can't I ever see this person?"

What's so fascinating about this particular she-male?


This guy is an OLD man. Old. Really old.

There is nothing female about his face.

He has a long ZZ top beard.

And yet...

He has big, voluptuous bosoms, and he wears WAY low cut shirts to show them off.

You read that right.

There is an OLD man in our town who has a beard, wears man clothes and yet has HUGE breast implants that he shows off with horribly low cut shirts.

What a jewel.

I've always wanted to see this man in person, but was beginning to wonder if he was sort of like Big Foot, or the Loch Ness Monster, or World's Most Perfect Mother.

Does he really exist?

He's been spotted at T.J. Max and the baking aisle of HEB.

After encountering him, Ashley Garratt and Mindi Woods were both scarred for life. "My eyes....just poke out my eyes!"

I'm sure it would be a hard thing to process in one moment without any warning.

Why haven't I seen this guy? Why?

Oh Marvelous Day...Ashley Garratt just called me to tell me there's a picture of him on the internet.

Ashley heard on the radio there's a website called People of Wal-Mart.

The language on the site is pretty rough, but if you're a Wal-Mart hater, then you can start with the first picture on the site, declare it "Exhibit A" and then move on to the next picture and declare it "Exhibit B" and so on and so on.

I'm sure some people who are way more godly than I am could tell us all the reasons why we shouldn't be fascinated with an old man with an impressive chest and those comments are welcome...but for now, I don't know what to do with this.

I've only gotten as far as..."Really? I mean...Really? Why?"

Here's the best part....

The old man who stole Pamela Anderson's chest is on the People of Wal-Mart site! See? * See the bosoms?

Let's pray I don't ever run into him.

I don't think I have enough self control to not engage him in a conversation and that conversation not start off exactly like this...

" cha got goin' on here?"

I would pay a lot of full price for a week's worth of groceries to sit down and ask this man some questions.


* Ryan said the link isn't working. It did that earlier this morning. I think the People of Wal-Mart page may not be able to handle the traffic? This site was on the radio this morning, so maybe that's why it's a little overwhelmed. Check back later. It's definitely worth the look!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Swagbucks Promo Code and a Give Away!

As promised...a light post between the weighty ones.

The nice people at Swagbucks have given me another great promo code for the readers of our blog.

For those of you already hooked on Swagbucks, keep checking back at this blog today. There are ways this month to win a bunch of swagbucks! I'm going to post several times today with all the new things going on at Swagbucks.

Heard about swagbucks?

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Who doesn't? Check out the Swag Store and especially the gift card section. This is where you get stuff for FREE with the Swagbucks you earn for doing nothing new.

I bought all my homeschool books and curriculum this year with my swagbucks.

Pretty sweet.

I love that you can shop from Amazon with your Swagbucks. You can buy just about everything from Amazon! Books...reusable grocery bags, organic seeds...yippy!

What's Swagbucks?

It's a search engine.

"So what" you say..."I'm already in a relationship with a search engine named Google."

Well wait a second...

Hear me out...

Swagbucks is a search engine that...drum roll...PAYS you to search.


You make money by searching.

Instead of going to google (who pays you nothing to totally need to dump that jerk. Besides, no one should be in a relationship with someone named Google. It sounds like you're dating a troll) you go to swagbucks and type in things like...

"What is an anemometer?"

"Swoopy Bangs"

"Pictures of Michael Jackson when he was black"

Got the idea?

And here's the good news. Although google pays you nothing to search, they do power swagbucks. So you're not leaving google high and dry. It can be a healthy break up where you still see each other every once in a while with no hard feelings.

Randomly, you'll search and then a giant swagbuck will pop up on your screen.

This moment is exhillarating.

Winning a swagbuck is as exciting to me as opening and shutting the dryer door without the dryer ever shutting off.

It's easy to sign up for swagbucks.

It's not like buying a house, or filling out all those papers for your kids on the first day of's easy.

Click on the cute button

Search & Win

Yes, that one up there.

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Get this...

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Want your swagbucks account to grow so you can start cashing them in for great stuff from the Swag Store or leave Target feeling a little less guilty?

Here are some tips from swagbucks.

I suggest changing your search bar over to swagbucks.

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We want to change that G to an SB.

Go here.

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The toolbar is important because it will help you to always search through Swagbucks, which means you will always have a chance to win!

If you can't get it to download, let me know in the comments section.

We'll walk you through your issues.

I happen to be married to a computer wizard. It's okay to be in relationships with wizards...just not trolls.


Because I love Swagbucks so much and really and truly think they are amazing....

If you sign up for Swagbucks for the first time here at Sit A Spell or download the toolbar, let me know in the comments section.

I'll enter you in a drawing for a $20 e-Target gift card. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 11.