Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Christmas Eve Baby

Who said you could turn six my love?

It wasn't me.

It wasn't daddy.

So maybe you should have stayed five.

We've threatened to only use five candles on your cake

Send you to your room until you agree to stay five

Spank you if you get a year older.

I know you think there's not many forces stronger than daddy

but six must be awfully powerful

or else, you'd still be five.

It doesn't seem like it was six years ago

When we met you for the very first time.

It seems like it was yesterday

like you've played leap frog over the years

and landed too quickly on "big boy."

We love you punkin'.

How you're becoming your own person

with a pinch of daddy

a pinch of mommy

and tablespoons of your brothers.

You are as sweet as Fairfield peaches

and super silly

When I get onto you, you make a silly face and open your eyes wide.

I wonder if anything will ever be serious to you.

You make it hard for me not to stop and laugh at you...and at myself for how ridiculous we both can be sometimes.

Six years ago you brought home from the hospital a bag filled with "lighten up" and "It's not that big of a deal, mom."

We're all eternally grateful.

You have always been a comfort, child.

A snuggle bug

squeezably soft

And your love language is still cupcakes.

Pretty fitting since you're oh-so-sweet.

Happy Birthday Ashton

May you know how greatly you are loved!

We think you're pretty stinkin' spectacular,

and the God who knit you together loves you even more.


Anonymous said...


YEAH. You are way too kewl!

Love G-Pa & GiGI

The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Ashton!!!

We can't believe you're 6!

Have a fun day big boy!!

We love you,
Matt, Erin and Cade

Bob & Judy said...

This is unacceptable!!! You can't be this old!

There's not a bit of "baby" in your face anymore. And you sure look like your biggest brother!!

Ok. Can SIX be enough? Will you please stop at six?

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ashton! We love you and the way you make the silliest faces at Sawyer, you are so sweet!

We cannot belive you are 6 years old, my how time has flown!

Have an awesome day!

Brock, Megan, and Sawyer

thoughtsbyryan said...

sad that we couldn't be there to celebrate...
Happy Birthday little buddy!

I always remember several years back when we could do experiments with Ashton to see if he really was Pavlov's Dog and would come running when he heard Happy Birthday being sung because he thought that always meant cake. Pretty funny stuff...

Ryan & Sara

Jessica said...

I remember when you were born, little guy. How'd you get six?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little friend! I hope your day was SPECTACULAR!!!