Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hayden and His Hip Hop-y-ness

Hayden's first hip hop video debut below!

Several sweet friends came to the park in the freezing cold weather to see Hayden perform his hip hop moves. I love Ashton's eyes in this picture. He was not happy about the crazy coldness. He gets that from one of his parents.

Every time I look at this kid I smile.

Our friend Reese was dancing tonight as well. Such a cutie!

I have to be honest...I had no idea my child could dance this well.

I dance like this in my imagination, but Hayden does in real life.

I was in awe!

Did you see him totally break it down in the middle?

Where did we get this kid?


Kirby said...

Hayden, you are super cool! I am glad that I got to re-watch this! Asher will want to watch it over and over now! He thinks you are so cool!

Rachel said...

Love it!

He was so on! I look forward to more expressions of this gift in the future!

Bob & Judy said...


The Kramer Family said...

I love some hip-hop for Jesus!

I'm smiling from ear to ear. Hayden's got the moves for sure!

Let us know when the next recital comes up! We'll be there- Kaylyn danced yesterday too:).

Hayden, so proud of you!

mandi said...

that was awesome! i want levi to take hip hop!

thoughtsbyryan said...

That was just as awesome the second time watching! I case you couldn't hear my comments in the actual video... I said, "that was legit."


Bob & Judy said...

And by the way, those are some cold looking noses in those photos!

Hendrick Family said...

It was the kind of cold that's pretty miserable.

Only Hayden hip hopping could have gotten me out in that crazy cold weather! I was as grumpy as Ashton.


Melissa Terry said...

He has got some skillz!! Holla!

Hayden is a man after my own heart- lactose-free fun and hip hop for Jesus- When I'm not big and pregnant I am going to have to get him to teach me some movies.


Molly said...

Owen and Cooper wanted to watch this one non-stop. Way cute! Thanks for sharing your sweet boys!