Thursday, December 03, 2009

Get Your Grooveshark On!

I know this is like beating a dead donkey, but seriously...Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb CD is our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth favorite Christmas CD.

If you don't have this treasure you are missing out.

I have heard this album a billion times and still get choked up while listening to it.

All other Christmas CD's are competing for ninth place in our book.

Coming in at a strong number nine is...

I know...maybe I'm bipolar or something.

Mariah's CD is NOTHING like Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb, but it's still my favorite non Behold the Lamb Christmas CD.

I have loved this CD since I was in high school.

My high-school, girl crush, Mariah inspires me to sing into a wooden spoon, belt out songs like I'm not white and shake what my mamma made me all over the downstairs of our home.

Hudson and I can get down to this CD.

My little buddy baby can get his cute little behind shakin.

Want to listen to this CD for free?

Remember Grooveshark?

Aaron made an entire Christmas playlist for our family on Grooveshark for FREE.

Run on over there to Grooveshark.

When the site loads, type in:

Jesus What a Wonderful Child

It's by Mariah.

If you're at work or in a public warned. You may stand up and start dancing.

If you'd like to know how to make a playlist, I'll tell you in the comment section. I don't mind writing the how to's up...but only if someone actually wants a free Christmas play list.

Some of our favorites on the play list are:

Mariah's Christmas Album
Destiny's Child's Christmas Album
Harry Connick Jr.
Bing Crosby
Jackson Five
Whitney Houston

If you find other great Christmas Albums on Grooveshark, or other great Christmas songs, let me know! I want to add them.

Is there anything better than a house filled with music?


The Kramer Family said...

How funny!! I just emailed a ton of peeps about this very subject...Grooveshark and Andrew Peterson. Can't get enough of it!

I'm so thankful you guys have enlightened me to both of these worlds.

Love you!

thoughtsbyryan said...

I agree that Peterson is the best bet for Christmas CD or anytime CD.

Other good one's that have been on tap at the Price household are:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Song for Christmas - Sufjan Stevens [it's an acquired taste]

Advent Songs - Sojourn Church

And... although I can't believe I'm admitting this... Mariah has graced us with her presence as well. There's just something about that CD that is pretty much rockin.

thoughtsbyryan said...

another good one is "The Preacher's Wife" soundtrack... which is Whitney Houston.

if you haven't noticed... I kinda have a thing for both black gospel and folksy... not sure how those mingle well.

Ashley said...

Third Day's Christmas Offering CD is a lot of fun, I like to turn that one up and get the wooden spoon! : ) All the songs are awesome.

Garratts said...

I love Behold the Lamb. I'm already listening to mine. I love your list of songs except one!!!

Mariah Carey??? Really Heather.
I thought I knew you.....

Ashley said...

OH - the Rat Pack also has a really great Christmas CD...

Brandy said...

Where locally can you buy Behold the Lamb?
I have to admit, I keep Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon's Hard Candy Christmas CD in my car...sometimes way past December!


Hendrick Family said...


Aaron said he doesn't think you can buy it locally. Andrew Peterson just released a new version of Behold the Lamb that isn't in stores yet, and places like Scripture Haven don't have the old one for some reason.

You should order it online. I bet it would still be cheaper to buy it online than at Scripture Haven.