Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Jamie, Skye, Aedan, and Jesse

We know he's your husband

and you need him

to make you laugh

take out the trash

help with the hard parts of parenting

and witness those moments when it seems as though God has funneled every kernel of goodness in heaven straight into your home.

you need him

we know

we know

We know he's your daddy

and you need him

to make you laugh (until some real-live pee-pee falls into your undies)

take you on adventures

hug you till it hurts a little

and grin at a burp (when you can tell mommy doesn't think it's all that funny).

you need him

we know

we know

But you see, we just finished reading North or Be Eaten

and in the words of the man standing behind a lady price matching at Wal-Mart...

"We really are in a terrible spot."

We know you need your husband and your father.

We're trying to think of you.

We're trying.

But we're weak. We're human.. And so there are days, we're not going to lie, we wish your husband...your daddy would lock himself in a strander's tunnel for a few months and write us another book.

It's wrong.

But it's true.


Rachel said...

Ha ha! I'm immersed in Book 2 right now, a little over half-way done! If I had nothing else to do today, I'd finish it.

I bought both of them for 2 sets of cousins and 1 set of nephews! I'm with you and getting the next one!

Hendrick Family said...

I didn't know it was possible to love you even more, Rachel...but this proves I was wrong.


Hendrick Family said...

Oh...and DO NOT FINISH IT!!!

Space it out.

Savor every word.

The end literally made me ROAR with frustration.

It was an awful noise that came out of my mouth when I realized where I was going to have to sit until the next book came out!


Rachel said...

Advice taken.

Sherman asked me yesterday "Isn't it better to read the book slowly so it lasts longer?"

He asked me this while I was reading, so I said of course not! It just means I get to the next one faster!

Silly me. All caught up in the Wingfeathers. I'll *try* to pace myself now. Who knows when ol' Andrew will pump out the next one!

(I do have to finish it before the 26th. See, I bought these books for one set of nephews, and set to reading them before I actually gave them as a gift. We will be getting them in the future, though, so Sherman can enjoy them too!)