Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Christmas Story Ever

This book has become a Christmas tradition in our home.

Aaron's sweet mom bought us our very own copy the last time she was here. Usually I check it out from the library and keep it longer than I should.

It's a short book with only seven chapters.

When I get to lines like this one...

"Wanda Pierce weighed about a ton - she even had fat eyes," I have to stop reading and laugh.

And then I'll read lines like these...

"So the Herdsmans pretty much looked after themselves. Ralph looked after Imogene, and Imogene looked after Leroy, and Leroy looked after Claude and so on down the line. The Herdsmans were like most big families - the big ones taught the little ones everything they knew...and the proof of that was that the meanest Herdman of all was Gladys, the youngest.

We figured they were headed straight for hell, by way of the state penitentiary...until they got themselves mixed up with the church, and my mother and our Christmas pageant.

Those parts make my heart feel like it's filling up with hot chocolate.


Brandy said...

That was my favorite Christmas book as a kid! I would check it out of our church library sooo many times!!!


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Fantastic book. We love it too!

Bob & Judy said...

Wise men, bearing ham - makes me cry.

The Lourceys said...

oh. my. goodness. I LOVE this book! I read it to my Mom as a kid and now I read it to my husband! I cannot wait until our kids are big enough to read it to them.