Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is Fair Trade?

I keep throwing around "fair trade" like everyone should know what it means.

I didn't for a long time...and I'm still trying to educate myself.

Our goal this Christmas (who knows if we'll reach it...we're trying, but this is still new to us) is to only buy products from fair trade companies or from businesses where the products and materials are made in America (we have much stronger labor laws in our country). Maybe buying stuff from other stores is fine, but we don't know yet...and until we do we want to ere on the side of caution. One baby step at a time!

In case you are in the dark (we used to be right there with ya) about what Fair Trade means and why it's important check out this great video and site D.O. sent me.

Trade as One

I know what I'll be doing during Hudson's nap time today. Reading all about Trade as One's mission...to change lives with every product we buy.

Sounds exciting.


mandi said...

coming to life in your soul... i like that. thanks for the video- i'm eager to watch it!

kev said...

Heather -

Thanks for spreading the word. Great to read about your family's commitment

Trade as One