Saturday, November 21, 2009

They Turned the Lights on Downtown So...

we met some friends

and had a festive ol' time.

Hudson is not a fan of the opera singing lady.
I kept trying to get him to look at me.
He kept looking away as if to say...
"Maybe if I don't look at the lady singing, she will go away."

crazy how much I love these ladies

And how much I love this little mister

make that ALL these little misters
Hayden lost BOTH front teeth last week.
I didn't think he could get any cuter.

I wish I could say those two teeth fell out on their own.
But I'd be telling a lie.
We left a garage sale in our neighborhood.
As we were leaving, the boys said, "Do we have to buckle up?"
I thought about it for a second being the FREAK about seat belts that I am.
"No." I decided they could live on the edge and travel unbuckled for the half mile it would take us to get home.
Did I mention we were in our neighborhood?

About two seconds later a lady backed out of her driveway and almost ran into us.
Aaron was going about five miles an hour.
He put on the brakes.
Hayden flew forward and hit his mouth on the console between the two front seats.

I wish I could say those teeth were about to fall out anyway.
I'd be telling a lie.
They were "kind of" loose.

After hitting his mouth on the console, Hayden looked up and yep...blood everywhere...and one tooth was not in his mouth. The other one was hanging on for dear life.

He pulled the second tooth when we got home.

We learned our lesson.


My poor baby!

He now has a little lisp. Too cute.

Yay for Christmas lights!
Can you believe it's this time of year already?

Then we went and ate dessert.

That's the way every great evening should end.


Barbara said...

What a beautiful family. Sorry about Hayden's teeth, but it looks like he will survice.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Katie O said...

You must video Hayden singing, "All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!" Hehehe!

Hendrick Family said...

Such a great idea, Katie! I have to do that!!