Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Wonder

We headed to Yonder Way Farm for Thanksgiving...home of my precious Aunt and my brother's family.

Remember this craft idea I had for the kids? attempt to be as cool as the Mahaneys failed. The kids didn't like the hats. Throughout the craft, I heard things like...

"Can my turkey just have two feathers? I want to go play."

"Are we done yet? When will this be over?"

and my favorite..

"Can you just do my craft for me?"

On the outside I was helping the kids make turkeys. On the inside, I was daydreaming about freezing all their underwear that night.

Oh well...

Little cutie looked adorable and he doesn't have a big enough vocabulary to dis my craft (yet).

We tried to show the kids how cool these turkey hats look. Maybe they would see how cool we look in them and want to wear the hats themselves.


But seriously...Aaron didn't try too hard to be convincing. Really, Honey...that's the worst, 'These are the coolest hats ever" look I've ever seen.

Aaron made fun of us pretty severely for not knowing what the wattler is and where to put it. He was right. I had no idea. I know that red thing goes somewhere, but I think I showed the kids how to put it on the wrong way. It looked more like our turkeys had nose bleeds than wattlers.

Note to self...(crafts may be for the Mahaney family, but they are not for our family!)

In spite of the craft, Thanksgiving was wonderful.

You know it's a great holiday when you let yourself get talked into staying an extra night. How fun!

There's nothing like staying up late with family talking.

There's nothing like waking up in the mornings to cousins galore.

There is no better breakfast than Jason and Lynsey's breakfast.

And would ya look at these two crazies...

Hayden and Laney Rae are the "hot messes" of this family.
They both wake up at the crack of dawn and
crack us all up the remainder of the day.

It was a sweet time being with our family.

And guess what Aunt Lynsey did while we were there?

Took our family pictures.

She's pretty wicked talented.

This was one of my favs.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.


The Williams Family said...

Well, I was just gonna say "Amen" and then I thought you'd think, "to what part?" really its for the ending...God IS so gracious and this year I've been experiencing thankfulness in a way I've never felt b/ "Amen"...

samsmom said...

Love your skirt! Did you make it?

Hendrick Family said...

No. I didn't make the skirt, but there is a super easy tutorial that teaches you how to make them. Have you seen it?


The Williams Family said...

Where do you find that skirt tutorial?

Hendrick Family said...

Lots of girls from NL have made this skirt and say it is easy:

The ones they made were shorter, so either they didn't use that top tier at all or made it a lot smaller.

I want to make one of these!


mandi said...

oh man- i totally should have crashed that party! so much fun!

Hendrick Family said...

I know!! That would have been so fun!


The Kramer Family said...

i loved the craft idea....maybe we should do one for the adults. ha!

we are so overwhelmed with thankfulness for you guys too! i hope thanksgiving is a tradition for our sweet ones for years to come!!!

mandi, crash anytime!!! you know I mean that too!