Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Cause and A Giveaway!

I should have known this little community at Sit A Spell would come through with so many great companies making and selling products in a way we can all be proud of and support.

Every day this week I'll post about companies like the one featured here today. Hopefully we can all get the word out about these companies that care about labor issues and are giving part of their proceeds to kingdom minded organizations. Hopefully we'll support these businesses with our business and by doing some word of mouth advertising for them.

A sweet girl in my life, Kim Davis has an etsy shop called Oh Sweet Joy. Her work was recently featured in Child Style Magazine.

When I met Kim she was an unmarried college student sitting in the Her Hands class. I always loved to hear what was on Kim's mind. Kim went to church at Living Hope (and can sing so pretty!) She's a beautiful girl inside and out. Kim and her husband Chase are now living in Colorado.

Listen to Kim's heart behind her business and her work:

"I started oh, sweet joy when I needed a break from apparel. I've worked retail for years and refurbished vintage t-shirts for a while, as well. I lost my retail job in early September and started nannying for a family in town. One of the boys, Ollie, had a birthday coming up, and I wanted to make him something unique. I bought some eco-felt, grabbed some of my designer fabric scraps and went to town on a cute little owl. I loved making the little owl, so I kept making more and sold a few at a local art studio tour. Little did I know the Lord had bigger plans for this little project.

I took everything out of one etsy shop and opened another with a new focus. My husband has been encouraging me to be more focused and gospel centered in every endeavor. I couldn't really figure out what that meant until I searched my heart and the Lord revealed and reminded me what He has created me for and what I am passionate about. It took me a while to figure everything out, but the Lord has laid on my heart to bring joy into homes by using my gifts and talents to further the Kingdom and bring children hope (as silly as it owl at a time).

One way I am accomplishing this is donating a percentage of all sales to Compassion International and Love 146. 20% of everything I make (after etsy & paypal take their generous cuts haha) will go to truly make a difference in children's lives. I couldn't be more excited about this effort, and I am so thankful that the Lord has changed my selfish heart. He has turned something that started as me wanting to make some extra spending money to something that is so much bigger than myself. He is faithful."

Kim's owls are precious.

I also love the headbands. My niece will be getting one of these!

Kim does custom orders. She also sells an entire family of owls for only $25.

Owls are quite the "in thing" right now (as are any birds, really). Hey...if Anthropologie says owls are "in"...they are.

I also was impressed with Kim's November shipping special. Buy 2 products and get free shipping. Can't beat that.

Please take some time to browse Kim's shop. This would be a great place to buy gifts that are made right her in America and have peace of mind that women and children aren't being exploited in the name of consumerism.

I've placed a custom order with Kim, and I can't tell you how happy it makes my heart to know that some of the money I send her will go to help such great organizations that are out there fighting against so much evil in this world. I'm honored to get to play a small part of bringing God's love, light and truth into places that desperately need to know His peace, grace and strength...all while shopping.

Kim has also agreed to give away that cute owl at the top of this post! Get excited. Isn't that owl adorable? He's a medium sized, "Ollie" owl.

To enter the giveaway you need to have a US shipping address. The winner will be announced next Monday, November 23. There are many ways to enter and you can have up to 6 entries per person. You can do one or all of the following:

1. If you browse Oh Sweet Joy you can come back here and leave your name in a comment and say "I browsed".

2. Tweet about Oh Sweet Joy and then leave a comment telling us you did.

3. Become a fan of Oh Sweet Joy on Facebook then leave a comment telling us you're now a Facebook fan. Go here to become a fan.

4. If you post about this giveaway on Facebook, leave a comment telling us you did so.

5. If you post about Oh Sweet Joy and this give away on your blog you can leave your name in a comment with your blog address.

6. If you have an Etsy account and you "favorite" or "heart" Oh Sweet Joy then you can also leave a comment letting us know.

See...everyone gets a chance to have 6 entries each! I'm not good with math, but I think that really bumps up your odds of winning!


Thank you, Kim, for giving away this treasure. And thanks for the peace of mind you've given me while I'm shopping.

It wasn't long ago that I literally felt helpless. Can I buy anything and know for sure that the money God has given us isn't going to support things the Lord despises (like taking advantage of the weak and the poor?)

Slowly, God is turning my helplessness into hope. There are companies that care. This will be a journey like any other journey in our life. I can start slow, learn more and baby step my way through this.

I hope the readers here are having as much fun as we are buying from wonderful companies this holiday season. I pray we're spending less, being more purposeful in our gift-giving and honoring Jesus on His birthday (and every day).

Please help us support Kim, Compassion, Love 146 and fair trade by spreading the word about Oh Sweet Joy!


SerenaKate said...

Heather, thanks so much for posting this. I've been reading your blog for a while thanks to "my Kirby", haha. Kim's my cousin and although we miss having her here in Texas, we're SO PROUD of what she's doing. Thanks again and have a blessed day!

PS - and since you know Kim, you likely know her partner-in-crime, Jarratt (my brother). Small world!

SNM said...

Posted on my blog!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I browsed!

Teresa said...

I browsed!

jordan said...

too cute. i browsed.

Ashley said...

The owls are adorable! Love the headbands!

I browsed, fan on facebook, I heart her on etsy, and I'm posted on my blog.

MacKenzie said...

I browsed! I love those owls, especially since they are mostly gender neutral. I've been on the lookout for cute nursery things but we don't want to find out the sex of our baby and everything I find is either "cute but girly" or "cute but boyish". These are just really cute!

Sew Cute!! said...

I browsed the etsy shop! It makes me wish I had gone with the owl theme for my daughters nursery! They were too cute!


Rachel said...

I decided to add all these together so it was easier to read.

I browsed, became a fan on Facebook,blogged about it, and posted about the giveaway through my blog on Facebook.

Here is my blog:

mandi said...


i'm adding her to my favorites on etsy!

Kim said...


more headbands are up for little girls and more are on the way!

thanks for participating everyone! :)


Will and Kate said...

These are too cute! The headbands are precious.

I browsed on and became a fan on facebook!

Yay for giveaways.

Cole and Holly said...

I browsed! Sew cute :)

Todd & Bonnie Huckabee said...

Okay, I put the word about Oh Sweet Joy on my facebook status and on my blog:

And it's a blessing to get to do it!! We love Kim and Chase too!
Thank you doing this!

bonnie huckabee
San Angelo, TX

Stephanie said...

im a fan! i <3 those owls!

Andrea Manor said...

I browsed.

Clint Thomas said...

I added Oh, Sweet Joy to my effbook page, as well as posted a link to it on my blog! So I am officially entering the contest. And yeah it might be a little creepy for a 20 something year old guy to enter a contest to win a stuffed owl, sure. But Kim and I are old old friends and therefore I support her sweet joy ventures. Plus it could be a nice gift to someone and save me from spending money I don't have! God Bless!

Jackie Sue said...

Kim I looked at your work. You have quite a talent. I know That God will bring much good from your gifts.
I became a fan.

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Oh my these are adorable!!

I browsed her shop, became a fan on facebook, and added her as a fave on Etsy!

melissak said...

I browsed. Very cute.

Zara said...

I browsed and posted about it on Facebook! Is it too late? They are super cute! And so are the baby shoes that I just saw too!

Bee Happy said...

I love the owls. It reminds me of my grandma. She would always sew animals like that. She did a cat a couple different ways. I love the eyes!!! Way to show us cool companies. You really have made me think!!

Ashley said...

I browsed oh sweet joy and I'm a fan of oh sweet joy!

Brittany said...

I browsed her page on etsy!

megatonk said...


Amariz said...

I browsed and became a fan on facebook.

Lindsey G said...

I made her a fave on etsy!!! We are doing an owl theme in our nursery!

Anonymous said...

I browsed!


Will and Kate said...

I made her a favorite on my etsy! (as well as the things above)


Stephanee Potts said...

I browsed and am just trying to decide how many to buy. LOVE the owls!! Thank you!!

Kristen D said...

I browsed!

Hendrick Family said...

Time is up! Getting ready for the drawing!!