Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Got a Skateboarder in Your Life?

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Have you heard me talk about my new bloggy friend, Mandi?

I've met her in real life and she's real life friends with my sis-in-law, Lynsey. There is always a link to Mandi's blog, The Herban Homestead right here at Sit a Spell.

Mandi has been a huge help to me on this path to eating better and figuring out how to do stuff on my own instead of paying someone else to do it (like make jelly, bread, yogurt...those kinds of things.) I'm not talking about dentistry, surgery or cosmetology or anything like that. My family is thankful I've left those jobs to the professionals.

for now (hee-hee)


All that to say, I love Mandi. I've sent her many a weird email. Emails I don't have to preface with, "I know I'm a weirdo but..."

Mandi is a way bigger, brilliant weirdo than I'll ever be and for that she is near and dear to my heart. She's one of the few people I've felt completely comfortable "letting all my weird out" with at once. I've never had to pace out my weirdness with Mandi.

I love reading her blog. I bet you will too. She makes me get up from my computer ready to go squeeze my kids, go outside, stick my hands in the earth or put my dukes up and fight injustice in this world. Mandi is the epitome of a kindred spirit.

It's not surprising that I had NO IDEA Mandi and her husband run a non-profit skateboarding ministry called Middleman Skateboards.

I'm sure Mandi has about a cu-jillion more tricks and talents up her sleeves that I don't know anything about.

I'm not sure how all that talent and knowledge fits inside her head.

I told ya...I've seen the girl in real life and I'm here to say...

Her head was normal sized when I met her.

exhibit A
normal sized head

If you've got some skaters in your life, please go check out Middleman Skateboards.

From Mandi...

The heart behind Middleman Skateboards

"One of the purposes of Middleman is to train and equip leaders in communities to minister to their local skate boarders. In the past John has designed and built skate parks on church grounds, but we are finding that the best way to reach skaters is to go to them in the public parks. That is where the community outreach person comes in. We offer them the training and equipment they need to go into their community and distribute boards, shirts and stickers for free. For every 2 boards we sell, we are able to give one away for free. Our hope is that through our boards, relationships will be formed and the love of Christ will be shared."

Want to reach out to skaters where you live?

"We are looking for churches around the country that are interested in raising up leaders to reach the skaters in their community."

Need to buy a board?

"Our boards are sourced and made in the USA. That makes the boards a little more for us to buy, but those extra dollars mean a safe work environment and the peace of mind that no human is being exploited. Our screen printing is also done stateside."

Take a look at Middleman's Website.

I think any skater would like one of these cool tees or hoodies.

I hope you don't get tired of me saying this, but I'm incredibly thankful for companies like this one and the ones we've gotten the chance to hear about so far on this blog.

Please help them out by spreading the word about these great companies whose desire is to make quality products in a way that doesn't compromise their beliefs about how sacred life is, how important children are, and how much God wants us to care for the laborers...the people making our stuff that fills our homes and garages. Praise God for companies like these giving so much back...providing money or training for people to do God's work...share the gospel and bring good news to the poor and brokenhearted.

Maybe you're not a skateboarder, baby-shoe buyer, or owl enthusiast. However, maybe those people exist in your life and you can spread the word through all the great mediums we have at our disposal these days (your blog, facebook, that twitter-dee-doo-dah thing and email).

It might be a baby step...but I believe we're ushering in change with every dollar we spend.

That gets my heart-a-pumping and makes my soul sing.


mandi said...

good gracious- i don't think anyone in the whole world has ever said that many nice things about me in one sitting. made me cry a little...

thanks for supporting our little ministry- we've been building some new relationships lately that have truly blessed our hearts through middleman. we hope that we can keep on keepin' on...

Sew Cute!! said...

I've been reading your blog the last couple of days (well everyday) but I've been reading what your writing about child labor, buying locally and pleasing God throught all of this. Me and my 2 besties, Kristy (my sister) and Kristie own a online boutique with mainly baby and childrens things. ( We hand make everything, but buy all of the materials we use (ribbon, fabric, burp cloths) and it has really got me thinking, Am I buying the right stuff? I've never thought before to see where the stuff Im buying is coming from! Is some 5 year old making this fabric that im using?? I am beginning to research other options! Thank You for pointing this out to us!!!


Hendrick Family said...


Asking questions is the first step to really great things!

When I went to Hobby Lobby the other day to buy fabric for my Thankful Tree, I ripped into all the "things" of material and found ones that said, "Made in the US" just so I could be more cautious. I know that doesn't solve the big picture issue going on, but it was a baby step...maybe there are companies where I can buy material with complete peace of mind. But, for that day, since I needed a little bit of fabric, that was the best I could do.

I've never stopped to wonder where my "stuff" comes from until now. So simply wondering...asking...being aware...asking God to lead us is a great start, I think.

I don't want to be blind!

If you find fabric made in the US, or made under fair trade policies will you send me the info? I want to buy from those companies..and buy from yours!!!