Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bugaloo...Another Great Company

Don't forget about the give away from Oh Sweet Joy below!
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Cute as a stinkin' button.

I love the heart behind this business.

You'll be blessed to hear what Heidi and Taylor have to say...please take a second and go hear the scoop about these precious shoes.

Kids shoes for $14.99. These look like they should be in some fancy pants celebrity baby shop. I was shocked to see how little these shoes cost.

"Rich baby" shoes for $14.99. Incredible.

These might be the cutest boy shoes I've ever seen.

Buy three pairs and get free shipping. If you're having a baby shower any time soon you can expect to get a pair of these tiny treasures from the Hendricks.

I wish Heidi would make grown up versions of these.

My favorite part...

Not only does this company care about labor issues, the environment and our wallets, they also send a percentage of every purchase to International Justice Mission.

If you've never heard about IJM, please please take some time to browse their website and get familiar with the work they are doing. Find out how you can be involved, give or pray. IJM is doing mighty work all over the world.

On a side note: Aaron read this post and mentioned again that Terrify No More is one of his all time favorite books. I quote, "It's like reading a Tom Clancy book...but it's real...and about things that actually matter." Terrify No More is a book about the work that IJM does rescuing young girls from slavery and captivity. He recommends everyone read it. We also think it would make a great Christmas gift for a book-lovin' man in your life that enjoys heroic, true stories about people doing brave, selfless things empowered by the love and strength of Christ.

We're not hosting a give away for these shoes, but like I mentioned earlier...

These small companies providing quality, creative products that operate under fair trade standards need our help in getting the word out about their businesses. We won't necessarily "get anything out of it," but I think it would be great if we all spread the word about this company today by blogging about Bugaloo, tweeting about them, facebookin' it up about their company...or simply sending an email to people you think will enjoy these shoes. In that way, we "get a lot out of this" by supporting kingdom minded companies who are giving money to kingdom minded organizations.

You could even take a moment out of your day and write a short, encouraging email to Heidi telling her how cute these shoes are and that you are thankful for her contribution to IJM.


Will you help us?

If you haven't gone over there yet...here's your chance. Please go check out these adorable shoes at Bugaloo.


mandi said...

HOLY COW HEATHER!!! those are so cute. i'm that fool that has been known to pay $30 for cute baby shoes. no more my friend!

thanks for the book rec. also. after going to an IJM benefit concert last year, we have been humbled by learning more about what they do. such important work...

Kelly Owen said...

I just wanted to say that it looks like these shoes will actually STAY ON a baby! Riley has been a pro at taking her shoes off ever since she was little bitty, so I wish I had known about these earlier. They look like a great buy!

The Kramer Family said...

We LOVE Bugaloo's! I can vouch that they are made so well and worth every cent.

I hope we don't end up at the same baby showers;). This has been my "go to" give that does NOT disappoint!

They do really good about letting people do giveaways on their blog. You should check into that!

Love you and your Fair Trade self!

the herzogs said...

we also love the bugaloos and they are the cutest shoes ever! we have a pair of robeez in the same size as our bugaloos and the bugaloos are way better! they fit wonderfully and don't cut off caleb's circulation around his ankles. they are soft and easy to put on/take off but they can't get them off. so excited to hear that they are an awesome company :-)