Sunday, October 04, 2009

Word Wall Words

Couple weeks ago a cute little package arrived on my front step.

Word Wall Words by MRM Classroom Connections, LLC.

The kit contains 100 high frequency words that first graders and second graders color. There is a first grade kit and a second grade kit.

Have you ever taught a kid to read?

I have...and every time I do I think, "It's a feakin' miracle any of us are literate!"

The English language is ridiculous. We make rules and then a billion of our words are what we in the Hendrick house call, "Rule breakers."

I teach my kids "When two vowels go a walkin' the first one does the talkin'."

Then they get to words like, "head" and say, "heed."


We should say, "When two vowels go a walkin' the first one does the talkin'...some times...well...(pause)...every once in awhile...(pause)...okay fine, just about as many times as the first vowel does the talkin' the second one does the talkin' OR those two vowels join together and morph into some other weird sound...(sigh).

I'm a huge fan of phonics, but sheesh...teaching kids to recognize high frequency words (words that usually don't follow the rules, but are in just about every sentence they read) is also a must for helping kids become successful readers.

When I'm teaching my kids to read, I have sight words hanging all over the school room. When learning to read, we will go over those sight words every day.

In the past I have had to write out all my own words, and stick them up in the school room.

I was thrilled to get this creative kit in the mail. Every high frequency word is on its own individual sheet of paper. The word is embedded in a cool, groovy design.

Every day I give Ashton a new sight word to color. He has been keeping them in a folder. After he finishes coloring his new word, I ask him to read me all the sight words in his folder. His new sight words are also what we use during handwriting time. I've seen his creativity grow as he figures out new ways to make his paper look "cool."

At the end of the year I want to get these bound for him.

"Children who love to color or create an artistic product will love this kit. Children who are having trouble reading will interact with words in a fun manner."
--Maria Rios-Marrero of MRM Classroom Connections.

Now for the real question...

Obviously, this kit was sent to me for free. It's really easy to love something that's free.

Would I have bought this in, paid $19.95 for it myself?

The answer...



I love the pictures. I like having a complete list in one kit of all the high frequency words my child needs to know. I love the time it takes Ashton to color each picture.

However, I think a good reading curriculum is already pretty expensive. Buying extra reading "add-ons" would be tough for me financially in addition to all the other expenses that go into homeschooling at the beginning of a school year.

So, I'd probably have bought this product once...then let the younger siblings trace the pages when it was their turn to learn to read.

I know. We're "those people."

Have four kids and all of a sudden no one ever has "their own anything" ever again. Even our sight words in these parts are hand-me-downs.

So yes...first kid would get to color the words and the rest of the kids would trace them. My boys LOVE to trace things. Truly love it. So for me...I'll save Ashton's words and then one day little Hudson will use these and trace the words as he's learning to read.

That's just how we roll in Hendrickville.

Check 'em out.

Word Wall Words

This product is a 2008 iParenting Media Best Product of the Year Award winner and Mom's Choice Award winner.

Definitely worth looking into if your child is struggling at all with reading or you are in the process of teaching your child to read.



For those of you who mentioned in the comments about making copies of the sheets...good news:

One of the representatives from the company that sells the Word Wall Words said it is perfectly legal to photocopy the kits to save for younger siblings to use.

How exciting!


The Kramer Family said...

I'm really liking these! Mainly because Kaylyn loves drawing "mosaics" like that. Well, you add the sight words and you've got a great learning tool!

I wonder if you could just make copies of them before they are colored on so that you could have them for all of the kiddos? Would that work or is it illegal? I wouldn't want to get thrown in jail or anything.

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you get to try out all of this free stuff!

D.O. said...

I totally agree Heather!

Every first grader should be able to write, spell, and color my name.

Hendrick Family said...


SNM said...

In my classroom I have "jail words". If words break a rule they go behind bars....seems harsh when I put that into words, but they live putting words in jail!

Hendrick Family said...

Me too! How funny. We put our words in jail as well.


Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

I wish I would have known about these last year! My word wall would have looked so much cooler!

Also.. I don't think this is stealing because it would be just like making worksheets but you could buy one pack for the oldest kid and then make copies for all the others. That way when the younger ones get to that grade they would get to have their own all ready to go for them. Just a thought!