Friday, October 09, 2009

A Riddle

What do you get when you cross

a running, hyper, naked, freshly showered, barely dry seven year old boy


hardwood floors and a piano?

Give up?

3 Stitches

What do you do when your naked seven year old's head is gushing blood all over the place?

Give up?

Grab a towel, hug them tightly, put some clothes on them, and then call the best doctor in town.

I would never have enough ways to communicate how thankful we are for The Amazing Doctor Bacak.

For real...if you live here locally and need a good doctor, please go see Dr. Bacak (695-3570).

Here's a post I wrote about him months ago...and seriously...our stitched up baby is just another reason (added to an already very long list of reasons) why Dr. Bacak will forever and ever be the Hendrick Family Doctor.

Hayden is doing well this morning. Although painful, he keeps talking about being Frankenstein for Halloween (that too was Dr. Bacak's idea). I think Hayden is running with it (figuratively speaking since we have firmly reminded him why it's not a good idea to run in the house...especially when wet and naked.)


Bob & Judy said...

Aw, Hayden! Wish I could give ya hug. But looks like you're going to live. Be careful!!!!

The Floyds said...

Poor baby! But you are definitely right, water+hard wood+naked running child is never a good combination. Hope he heals soon.