Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ren Fest

Tuesday we loaded up the car and drove to the Texas Renaissance Festival with our funny friends, the Feldmans . We Hendricks go every year. Yesterday the boys could be heard saying, "Next year at the Renaissance Festival, I'm going to (fill in the blank). They are already looking forward to next October's adventure.

There is something magical about the medieval ages, isn't there? Spending the day surrounded by princesses, kings, queens and knights makes strange things happen in your heart.

Eating turkey legs and funnel cakes all day also causes wonderful things to happen in your heart.

Sir Ashton guarding Lady Emma

Of course Ashton calls the Renaissance Festival the "Ren-uh-zonz-is Vegetable."

We have threatened to sell our older two sons to the gypsies if they ever correct Ashton. It's just too cute to hear him say it. Thanks to the Ren. Festival, our older boys really think gypsies exist, and they don't want to live with them.

We go during the week for "School Days." This means the festival is rated PG...the kids get to enjoy all the coolness from the Medieval Ages minus the debauchery.

This was Hudson's first year to enjoy the festival. I loved seeing his face. Babies get the rare privilege of letting what they are thinking on the inside come out through their facial expressions.

Hudson sat in that stroller most of the day looking at the "odd" people. His face said, "You are a grown man. Why are you dressed like a Centaur?"

mining for "jewels"

While we were there this year, we all kept wondering...

"What do these people do when they aren't working at the Renaissance Festival?"

Are they always pirates?

Do they wear eye liner every day?

Do they always talk with an English Accent?

Does the Jousting Knight from Spain sell Kirby vacuums?

Do the Jugglers teach elementary education classes at a University?

Is the beggar a youth pastor?

And what do the boys with vampire teeth do during the rest of the year?

Sack groceries at HEB?

If so, I hope they never smile. Those teeth are scary. You can actually get a dentist to put vampire teeth tips in your mouth. weird.

I hope dentists are kind enough to say to would-be vampires, "Look...are you sure you want to do this? I mean...some things are really cool at the Renaissance Festival, but not so cool on the cereal aisle of the grocery store."

I wish someone would do a documentary on the "workers" at the Ren. Festival to see what they "do" when they aren't Renaissance-ing it up. Now that's a show I'd watch.


Landreneau Family said...

Fun!!! We were so sad to miss it this year, but with us having a baby tomorrow and all, you know, it just wasn't on the cards!

Some of our good friends were there, though, and they really enjoyed it.

Barbara said...

Wow, Looks like a great time was had by all. We haven't been in years, maybe one day we will go back, I am sure it has grown a lot.

Happy Halloween.


ren said...

I never knew they had a "school days" PG thing going on! About time! We haven't been for years b/c we were horrified at the nakedness the last time we went. Thanks for the update.

Bob & Judy said...

Someone told me yesterday that the people who do Ren Veg in Magnolia travel around the country doing Ren Veg in Florida and Milwaukee and Albuquerue, etc. She said there is an area of Florida where many of them live in their trailers when they're not Festing.

Wouldn't THAT be something - the Ren Trailer Park......

D.O. said...

If you've got an hour to kill (which I realize is an absurd thing to say to a mother of 4), you can watch Renny: A Festival Way of Life on Google Video.

If you want.