Friday, October 02, 2009

In Case Anyone Cares

I have surprised myself...

We're still drinking tea in the afternoons...not every afternoon...but most of them.

This seems to be sticking.

Although sticking, it's getting more tacky by the moment.

The other day, Hayden did a very Hayden thing and laid down in a huge water puddle right before tea time. Why does he do those things? I don't know. I've quit asking.

Needless to say...he was shirtless while we had our tea.

I kept looking at Hayden while sipping my trashy tea and thought...what would Mary Poppins think about us?

We are loving our tea time.

I'm also pleased to say that I no longer have the worst English accent.

Ashton does.

You should hear it.


Bob & Judy said...

Quote from one of my favorite books: "As one grew older, as one established oneself, one gained a new delight in formality."

Crumpet, anyone?

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Brock and I argue that his is the worst.. by far.