Thursday, October 22, 2009

For Grandma

Heart and Soul

Should any childhood be without it?

Ever since I've known her, I've heard Aaron's mother say things like this to her son:

"Don't ever try to take credit for the music that is in you. It's been there all your life. God put it there."

I've found myself walking by my son...constantly engrossed in making music on the piano and whispering those same words into his ear.

The music has always been inside Hayden.

At the tiny age of two Hayden had the privilege of "opening" on the drums for Matt Graham's band at a local coffee shop.

Music has always been there wrapped up inside this child.


Charlie said...

Seriously incredible, Hayden! That is a true gift from God. Man... that was good!!

Gabbie said...

Hayden! Bien hecho! I love it! Jamer just recently started taking piano lessons...he is a drummer too. He plays the bass drum in the marching band at his high school. I believe that God has gifted him as well and Heather I love what Aaron's mom said...just perfect. To add to that...I have always told my children that if God gives you a is for His glory not yours. If you use it for yourself, He will take your passion for it away. Keep drummin sweet boy....for Jesus!

Bob & Judy said...

I love to hear the music bubbling out of Hayden. And all the rest of the family. God has been so generous to the Hendrick bunch!! I mean, we ain't no Andrew Petersen, but ....

Thanks for putting this little man on the blog just for me.

Loveyouall - Grandma

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

That is BEAUTIFUL, Haydon! How creative you are to take that fun song (the 1st video) and improvise and make it even prettier than it was. The 2nd video was also FANTASTIC! I'd love to listen to you play over and over again! My kids are taking piano lessons and NEVER create like that (although they play very pretty music). How wonderful that God has blessed you with such creativity!

Anonymous said...

Hayden, YOU ROCK!. That was great! I never could learn to play a musical instrument, so I think that is too kewl.

Love you,


cristina said...

isn't the piano considered a percussion instrument? :)

kayceeb said...

Awesome! And if it will make him feel better about "cheating" on the drums, let him know that learning the piano (and other instruments) will make him a better drummer. At some schools, before they will let you play drums, you have to learn the piano or something like it because you will be a better percusionist. Our school wasn't that serious about it so I never had to learn the piano, but I wish I would have.

The Kramer Family said...

I LoVe that he is standing up in these:). Its totally Hayden and wonderfully perfect. I can't even believe how great he is at piano. Watching his little hands get after it is awesome. God is so good!