Thursday, September 17, 2009


My friend Brandi invited me to contribute to a new blog called Family Supper Club.

I love Brandi.

She's smart and cool.

She is a real live MD...who decided to be a stay-at-home mom after her kids were born.


I told you.


This new blog idea is genius.

A great description of the blog...

Come see what real families are eating. Meal plans, recipes, successes and failures, takeout confessions, cookbook and equipment reviews, and whatever else we think of. All from real people cooking for real families, with schedules and budgets and priorities. Some are finicky; some are gourmet. Some are green, some like fast food, some stick with meat and potatoes. Some are Julia Child, and others are Sara Lee. This is what we eat.

Oh how I love real people being real.

These families are so interesting. Some cook primarily vegetarian...some vegan...some from scratch...some not so much. What a great mixture. I'm already learning a lot.

My favorite part....

My sister-in-law is contributing as well. What a sweet thing to do with Lynsey!

Mandi from the herbanhomestead is linked on my blog. You will find her at the Supper Club.

Mandi, Mandi.

I want to be Mandi.

She grinds her own wheat. Talk about the Little Red Hen. I love that girl. I want to go intern in her kitchen.

Head on over to The Family Supper Club and meet some of these women! Mostly introductions are going on now, but I'm looking forward to getting lots of new recipes as well as practical ideas for planning menus, grocery lists and what not. If it has to do with food...I'm sure it's gonna get talked about with all these creative, diverse women in the kitchen.


Mommy, M.D. said...

thanks for the shout out! i'm glad you're doing this. and i love "ya-ya supperhood." very cute; wish i'd thought of it myself.

Amy said...

Going over to check out your link :-)