Thursday, September 10, 2009

While Writing Ws

Pencil in his fleshy hand

Concentrating very hard

Little huffs....little puffs

As if writing W's is as difficult as running a mile

Ashton pauses


chin on table

pencil in hand

eyes on paper

"What's wrong, Ashton?"


"Ashton...what's the matter....can you finish your row of W's?"

And then he invited me inside his head

what a sweet honor



"Mom. I just drew Patrick's legs."

What? Patrick? Who is Patrick?

And then I saw it too...

Patrick's legs...hiding in my baby's row of Ws.

Aren't kids fantastic?

Isn't Kindergarten fun?


The Kramer Family said...

That is the sweetest thing! I love that kiddo.

This has made my day:).

Rachel said...

Ha! That's awesome. I knew what he was talking about only because I got to be a part of some 3-5 yr. old's lives last year at South Knoll. That is where I was introduced to Sponge Bob Square Pants and the wonderful world of their imaginations.

I don't want to say "I can't wait" for many things with June because I want to enjoy her as she is right now. But I REALLY look forward to hearing her thoughts!


Side Note: I've often wanted to fill you in on the Word Verifications required to make a comment. Right now, my verification word is "rabies." I just think they're funny sometimes.

Bob & Judy said...

Sure do love that boy!