Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Swagbucks Promo Code and a Give Away!

As promised...a light post between the weighty ones.

The nice people at Swagbucks have given me another great promo code for the readers of our blog.

For those of you already hooked on Swagbucks, keep checking back at this blog today. There are ways this month to win a bunch of swagbucks! I'm going to post several times today with all the new things going on at Swagbucks.

Heard about swagbucks?

Want free stuff from Target, Amazon and great places like those?

Who doesn't? Check out the Swag Store and especially the gift card section. This is where you get stuff for FREE with the Swagbucks you earn for doing nothing new.

I bought all my homeschool books and curriculum this year with my swagbucks.

Pretty sweet.

I love that you can shop from Amazon with your Swagbucks. You can buy just about everything from Amazon! Books...reusable grocery bags, organic seeds...yippy!

What's Swagbucks?

It's a search engine.

"So what" you say..."I'm already in a relationship with a search engine named Google."

Well wait a second...

Hear me out...

Swagbucks is a search engine that...drum roll...PAYS you to search.


You make money by searching.

Instead of going to google (who pays you nothing to search...you totally need to dump that jerk. Besides, no one should be in a relationship with someone named Google. It sounds like you're dating a troll) you go to swagbucks and type in things like...

"What is an anemometer?"

"Swoopy Bangs"

"Pictures of Michael Jackson when he was black"

Got the idea?

And here's the good news. Although google pays you nothing to search, they do power swagbucks. So you're not leaving google high and dry. It can be a healthy break up where you still see each other every once in a while with no hard feelings.

Randomly, you'll search and then a giant swagbuck will pop up on your screen.

This moment is exhillarating.

Winning a swagbuck is as exciting to me as opening and shutting the dryer door without the dryer ever shutting off.

It's easy to sign up for swagbucks.

It's not like buying a house, or filling out all those papers for your kids on the first day of school...nope...it's easy.

Click on the cute button

Search & Win

Yes, that one up there.

If you sign up here, enter heatherscode1 in the box that says "Swag Code". The code is case sensitive...so be careful!

Get this...

You'll receive a total of FIVE SWAGBUCKS just for signing up. That gets you well on your way to buying something super fun.

Want your swagbucks account to grow so you can start cashing them in for great stuff from the Swag Store or leave Target feeling a little less guilty?

Here are some tips from swagbucks.

I suggest changing your search bar over to swagbucks.

See up there at the top of your page...see that place where you usually type stuff in to search...it will probably have a "G" and a box next to it. That means you're searching through google. Remember...you broke up with Google. You seriously need to move on. Stop trying to "mysteriously" show up in the same place as Google. It's over.

We want to change that G to an SB.

Go here.

Click download.

It takes about a second.

If you have pop ups disabled...nothing will happen after you click on download. Look up at the top of the page, and it will say the download was not allowed to happen. Look to the right...you can click "Allow."

The toolbar is important because it will help you to always search through Swagbucks, which means you will always have a chance to win!

If you can't get it to download, let me know in the comments section.

We'll walk you through your issues.

I happen to be married to a computer wizard. It's okay to be in relationships with wizards...just not trolls.


Because I love Swagbucks so much and really and truly think they are amazing....

If you sign up for Swagbucks for the first time here at Sit A Spell or download the toolbar, let me know in the comments section.

I'll enter you in a drawing for a $20 e-Target gift card. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 11.


Hendrick Family said...

I just downloaded the toolbar.

I was like..

"Oooh! Pretty!"

Check it out!


Rachel said...

I also downloaded the toolbar! And got my swag code!

Do we really have to wait 10 days for the drawing?

I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy something before then! :)

Jana said...

I downloaded the toolbar! Thanks!

Catherine said...

I downloaded the toolbar!

jrandchels said...

I downloaded the toolbar!

jenny (blessed) said...

I downloaded the toolbar also!

Wow, that thing is coooool! It was super easy too! I love Swagbucks...

Will and Kate said...

I downloaded the toolbar! It is soooo beautiful...everything right where I want it. I knew I loved SB's for a reason :)

Bextir said...

I'm just new and tryin to find my way around here, so far i luv me some SWAGBUCKS!!