Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Call

The promo code (that lands you 5 swagbucks for signing up through Sit a Spell) ends tonight, and so does your chance to enter the drawing for a $20 e-Target gift card.

Details here.

By downloading the toolbar, I've made one swagbuck every day (plus the ones I make searching).

Anyone have questions about how swagbucks works? I'll gladly answer them.

One of my favorite things is getting free stuff with my swagbucks. I just ordered the kid's version of the Farmer's Almanac for the boys and the Whole Foods Market Cookbook for our family's personal chef (me).

I want you to get free stuff too! How can I help? Questions? I'll answer them...or try my best.


The Kramer Family said...

I saw a car driving around Brenham and thought of you. There was a cute car that had "SWAGrificent" in giant letters with the super man symbol on its back window.

I could totally see you doing that:)

The Lourceys said...

So I downloaded the toolbar but by the time it updates me about the swagcode it's already too late to enter it. I'm super sad about it.

Hendrick Family said...

Stink! We should have all been watching and alerting each other.

My kids know to watch for me!!


Williams Five said...

Hey Heather,
I signed up a few days ago and forgot to tell you.