Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Bringin' it Back Yall

Yesterday we had tea at the Hendrick House.

Not sweet tea.

We cooked up some shortbread cookies and made hot tea...

like we were British.

We've been studying England this week. Super fun.

I took the boys to the store...let them pick out some tea and even bought some sugar cubes just so I could say, in the worst English accent...

"One lump or two?"

It was a festive time.



Nice to sit with my boys after a full day of school work...sip hot tea and talk.

It was ultra ghetto. Seriously. Take a look at that picture. I didn't have ANY teacups. None. My coffee cups don't match. I do not have a tea pot. Anson remembered that Lynsey gave us a sugar and creamer set. They are decorations in my kitchen. I forgot you could actually use them. Tea time was hideous. Martha Stewart would have had to "excuse herself" and go vomit somewhere.

Sipping our trashy of the boys said, "Why don't we do this every day?"

I said, "The British do. Isn't that cool?"

They decided they wanted to be British.

Why are Americans so lame?

We don't have anything cool going on here in the afternoons.

In Mexico...they get siestas. Naps during the day. Can you imagine that?

The British drink tea.

I wish I could be Mexican Englican and drink some tea every day then take a nap.

But alas...

No naps and no tea in this country.

I've read tons and tons of old books filled with stories of people dropping in for tea.

How quaint is that?

What must it have been like to be less have time to sit every day and talk to friends for a few minutes while offering them a cup of tea and a scone.

I called Aaron after tea yesterday and said...

"We just had tea. I want to have tea time every day. With cookies."

"You want to be British?" Aaron asked.

Sometimes I bet he wishes I would call and say things like..."How's your day?"

"No. I don't want to be British. They don't even "have tea" anymore. I looked it up on the internet."

"That's because everyone is too busy. It's sad," Aaron said.

It is.

Well...the British can quit tea, but it's making a come back over here in our house.

We're going to our insides up...chill out and enjoy each other and enjoy life.

I'm going to try it. Afternoon tea. I'm super flaky so this might not stick...but I'm going to give it my best effort.

Garage sales...look out. I'm going British. I need some tea stuff.

Note to self: Add shortbread cookies to baking day on Monday.

Another note to self: Maybe some days you should drink hot tea and eat grapes...just so you stay in your jeans.


Jana said...

Hey Heather!!!!! I think this is a great idea!!!! Like you..I am flaky, and afternoons are busy for us, but sounds like fun! Anyway....I just wanted to THANK YOU for the book. I love it and cant hardly put it down. I was also wondering about HISTORY in the Hendrick Academy. So much of it is so violent. Could you send me an outline of the HISTORY yall are doing this year. I am wondering what it looks like in YOUR school? THANK YOU!!!!!!! I appreciate it soooo much! Jana

Hendrick Family said...


I know. I'm thinking we'll just do tea in the afternoons when we can. How fun.

I'm glad you like the book!

I will try and look through our units and send the history ones to you. There are so many with three boys in school, so it might take me some time to get the list to you.

Have a great weekend!

Landreneau Family said...

We LOVE tea time around here! It seldom include actual tea...most of the time it's coffee, milk or pink lemonade in a pretty cup with whatever snack we drum up. Some days, we go a little fancier...set the table, etc. We usually read a picture book and discuss it, or just visit with each other. It's a sweet time of just being together, and regrouping before dinner prep, etc.

Glad you're jumping on board!

Nina Carranza said...

This was hilarious...the Mexican Englican made me laugh, spit out my coffee, and snort all at the same time!
Love ur blog, btw!

Jana said...

Thats also what I was wondering...Do you do 3 diff history units at a time??? Mine are so close in age, that I try to do just 1. Thank you sooo much. I REALLY appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! for slowing down and enjoying each other. I walked over to my neighbors house yesterday afternoon with ice cream and we sat on the porch and visited!! It was a great time! Tea and cookies sounds less fattening than ice cream :)


Grace Family said...

You crack me up... you called your tea time "ghetto" and I literally laughed out loud.

Ok, so you just need to tell your kids to remind you about tea. On the days when things are busy and overwhelming, take their reminder as a reminder from our Lord to slow down and appreciate that time with each other. If the kids are put in charge of making it happen, I guarantee your flakiness will not get in the way! :-)

Jana said...

Sorry for ANOTHER comment Heather....If you want you can just send me the lessons for the oldest. THANK YOU...Maybe that will be easier. Jana

Hendrick Family said...


Send me what grades you are teaching. I use the Kinder, 2nd and 4th units.

Lots of times I can mix either the K and 2nd grade history units or the 2nd and 4th. So, I'm just usually teaching two history units at a time.


Jana said...

Heather...K, 2nd and 3rd. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH HEATHER!!!!Jana

Hendrick Family said...

The Birkenfunkies are going to be here during tea time today.

How fun.

I think I love this.


Stef said...

I'm laughin' and I'm on my way over!

Amy said...

Hey Heather,

Love the afternoon tea pics and that you're doing it with your boys! I often have tea time here (picked this up from the fact that the British used to run this country and left some of their culture).

I even use a pretty cup and saucer for this time, and I'm pretty sure it makes it taste better. :)

Also, another idea I make sometimes is to have scones (with homeade whipped cream and jam) with my tea.

I have a yummy scone recipe if you want it, let me know.

Happy Tea time!

Hendrick Family said...


I'd love the scone recipe!



Vanessa Brooks Kynes said...

Who told you the British don't still do tea? It is all we ever have here (in England). Would you like 'a cuppa'? Tea after every event... I am not kidding.

They do like coffee a lot too, but you can reassure your family that tea is still a common and consumed often.

Josh said...

When I was a senior in high school my parents took me and my brother to London for spring break. It was so awesome. I've been drinking tea in the mornings since then and I love it.

I'm gonna go back one day because it was just such a cool place with so much history. Your boys would love the Tower of London. There are probably four floors of nothing but weapons and armor! And the Winston Churchill museum/Cabinet War Rooms was fantastic too. It's all about how the government ran the country and the military during WWII from an underground bunker, etc.

Brettney and Key Bradley said...

love this post! made me laugh talking about martha stewart excusing herself to go vomit somewhere.