Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Film Festival

Rachel H was telling me about this film festival the other day. She sent me the information.

It's in the Woodlands...not far from here.

If we DID NOT have soccer games during this thing and we DID have a nanny, we'd go. Looks super cool.

Does anyone want to go? You can get a group together right here on the blog. Then Aaron and I will know exactly who to be jealous of. I just ended a sentence with "of"...but so what.


Rachel H said...

I'm glad you posted this!

We have a few people going in a group already. We are prob meet somewhere so we can carpool and leave around 8 am (Sat. Oct 10th).

Rachel H said...

wow, i cannot type!

*going to probably meet somewhere

Josh said...

what's a flim? :P

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Josh!

You know...a flim festival. You go there and everyone coughs into a napkin and shows it to their neighbors.

Ugh. I'm a moron.