Thursday, September 03, 2009

Don't Forget

There's one more day for the swagbuck promo!

I'm giving away a $20 Target e-gift card in a drawing for those who sign up for swagbucks through this blog or download the toolbar.

Plus...for signing up through this blog, you get FIVE swagbucks with the promo code. Rock on.

You can win 30 swagbucks this month with the new toolbar. How nice is that?

Swagbucks is also featuring a new section in the swag store...Back to School Gear.

For details on the drawing and the promo code go here!

Within one month, you could probably buy an Amazon e-gift card. Sweet.


the herzogs said...

So I tried to access your blog a couple of times just before noon, and it kept sending me to this end times prophecy website! I suspect the rapture is imminent!

the herzogs said...

So I figured out what I did! I typed in this address:

See the error? Check out where it takes you!


P.S. I know this has nothing to do with was just the newest post at the time. :-)

Hendrick Family said...

Man! That site is super weird!

Glad you found your way back here!