Thursday, August 06, 2009

Your One Stop Book Shop

Exciting News!

We Hendricks are hosting a HUGE book sale!

(While Kirby and I are teaching women how to legally rob grocery stores, our husbands and children will be selling fantastic books on the other side of town!)

Saturday, August 15
12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
828 Tanglewood Drive
Bryan, Texas

Recently, Aaron bought between 1 and 2 THOUSAND books from an auction, and 375 books from a local teacher.


Because he's ridiculous when it comes to books.

And I love books too, so I am not a good balance for him in this department.

If Aaron said, "I spent all of our rent on Jack in the Box tacos," I'd be mad.

If Aaron said, "I spent all of our rent at Barnes and Noble," I'd say...


He did not spend our mortgage payment, but I'm just sayin'.

Humble ISD (Houston area) auctioned off the books from their elementary school library.

We could not pass them up.

We love books in a weird, we probably need counseling sort of way AND we know too many other people who do as well.

Our goal...

For book lovers, homeschooling families and teachers to be able to grow their libraries in ONE stop for really cheap.

You'll pay less than buying these from the store or online.

The only place you could buy books for cheaper than this is probably a garage sale, and to find this many good ones, it might take you five years of garage shopping.

Here's the run down of what we have in our possession...

Between 1-2 THOUSAND books from the Humble ISD library. We haven't finished counting these yet. We're working on it. That's a lot of books to count and sort, and our garage is smokin' hot right now. Prices may go up the longer I'm out there sweating my face off.

We have TONS of elementary age fiction

TONS of middle school/high school/young adult fiction

Lots of nonfiction for elementary/middle school/high school


Lots of history

Some coffee table books

Some easy readers

Most of those will be FIFTY CENTS EACH.

We have a huge box of homeschooling workbooks we might give away for free, or for almost free.

The only books that will be more than fifty cents are the three hundred books we bought from a teacher. Hers are too new and too perfect.

ALL Scholastic books, Magic Tree House, and AR readers will be ONE dollar.

Pretty Insane.

Please help me spread the word to your friends, families, new teachers and homeschooling families. The sale on August 15 will only be advertised on my blog and through local teacher and homeschool loops.

We want our friends and this community of readers to have the first chance to buy these books in one spot.

We will sell what is leftover on August 15 at another sale that will be advertised in the newspaper.

These books are fantastic, and we're excited to have grown our own home library, and just as excited to help other people grow their libraries as well.

Hooray for reading!

Please spread the word!


mandi said...

i am so sad that i can't come to your book sale. i'm one of those crazy book loving people too. i got a degree in literature and when people asked me why (as in what i wanted to do with it to make money) i'd answer "because i like to read". and i meant it. i basically have a degree in reading.

sidenote: i love your class ideas! if you wanted me to do a bread baking or some kind of nutrition/herb one to add to your list i'd jump on it! i get really excited about teaching mamas new tricks (and learning while i do it!)

Landreneau Family said...

Do you have a whole set of Magic Treehouse books? If so, I'll take one of each, 1-28. I'll mail you a check and pay to ship if you're willing to mail them.

Hendrick Family said...

Mandi! We need to talk classes soon. I want to learn from YOU.

And Aimee...I'll have a better idea of what I have when we get done sorting everything. I have seen lots of the Magic Tree House but haven't sat down to figure out if all the numbers are there.


Karen said...

Super excited! I was just thinkin today I needed a handful of books in my classeroom for my Jr. High kiddos to read! I will be there!

CarpioFamily said...

Yea magic tree house, and easy readers, hopefully Nate the Great too. Thanks for posting about this. We Will try to make it by.

Josh said...

If you've seen our recent posts, you know that Ricci and I are about to build a bookshelf because we have too many books. That said, what time is the sale? Ricci will be at your class and I may or may not be in town because REI is having a huge sale in Austin that saturday. But depending on what time I would love to come check out the collection.

Hendrick Family said...

Hey Josh...

The sale is from 12-4.