Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Does It Have to End?

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I love vacation.

We've gone on several mini vacations this summer.

This week we headed to Brenham to spend the week with our family.

I didn't want to leave!

That's how you know it was a great vacation.

The boys swam.

We ate farm fresh eggs every morning and grass fed something or other every night.

Kirby and Charlie came up and stayed a couple days.

We canned 88 jars of salsa.

Get out of town!

We also began the daunting task of putting dates on the calendar for the upcoming coupon class tour.

We had so much fun laughing with our friends and family.

I loved spending time with my sister-in-law.

Isn't it an extra blessing to have a sister-in-law you would choose as a close friend even if you weren't related?

I was thinking today about how much I love Lynsey. I think I would have been her roommate in college.

That says a lot, doesn't it?

She taught me so many smart things and cooked the most delicious dinners for all of our families every night we were there.

Talk about a great vacation for this mommy!

Aaron and I stayed up late every night watching Arrested Development and talking about important things like this upcoming school year, this new church we're a part of...the good parts and the hard parts (mostly for me...I wonder sometimes if anything is hard for Aaron). We talked about ways to love each other better this year, to live out some of the things God is putting in our

Vacation is good for the soul.

I'm already ready for another one.


Molly said...

Love your family pictures. What a great pool! Cooper would fit in oh-so well with your boys. He used to make my stomach hurt, but now I don't even flinch. Man you are one lucky momma.

Thanks for sharing, so glad it was a wonderful time with the family. You sure are good at soaking up God's blessings and enjoying the simple things in life. You are a great reminder for me to slow down and take it all in. {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful vacation!!! I love Lynsey, too!!


Amy said...

I'm glad you're all having lots of fun :-)

Katie LaPierre said...

that does sound amazing!

yvonne said...

The boys look so great!!! Isn't it funny how much they physically change in just a few short months? Wow, Summer! Yvonne