Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying Something New

This summer I learned to do about a million and one cool make yogurt, jelly, bread, can salsa...that kind of neat-o stuff.

I feel like I'm getting the hang of all these new things I'm doing and this new way of life where the food is healthier but takes a little more effort.

I'm wondering if I'll be able to keep up with all this once school is going and blowing. So, I'm reworking my schedule. During the summer, with no teaching or structured learning going on I could make my yogurt any ol' time I wanted.

Not now with my whole morning filled with schooling my kids.

I've enlisted the help of some college girls to come help me sporadically when I bake a bunch of bread or do any of the other tons of things I've been doing this summer in the kitchen. Those girls seem to be excited about jumping in with me on these new projects. I'm excited about getting to know them better as we stir bowls of dough right next to one other.

Besides getting school done on Mondays, I have two goals...

Bake a bunch of junk to eat off of all week. I'm making 6 loaves of bread today, one loaf of banana bread and a pan of banana muffins. We'll eat the bread with dinner and it will be a healthier snack for my kids in the afternoon. Homemade bread with homemade jelly on will make you happy, and maybe fat. The banana bread and muffins can be for snacks too, but more so for breakfast.

My other goal on Mondays....

Make a huge pot of soup for supper. That way, we can eat off of it for lunch most of the week. Snacks and lunch are still the two areas where we're not eating as healthy as I want to be eating in this house. Lynsey and Kirby gave me the soup and baking day ideas.

School is done today. We had a few glitches, but overall it went beautifully. Either God is really merciful even over the details of our lives and totally in control of Hudson's sleep schedule and personality or I just have the happiest, sweetest baby ever. All of those things are probably true.

Today as I was walking out of the library, I saw myself in this huge big glass near the entrance to the building. There I was...

Wearing my peasant skirt.

Brown glasses.

With my four kids.

One of those is a cute brown baby.

I had my huge tub of library books on my hip...

And I was on my way home to finish homeschooling my kids and start making yogurt.


I'm a full blown hippy.

I used to make fun of people like me.

As of right now I haven't smoked pot but let's admit the rate I'm going I probably will. Kidding...maybe.

Hope you still want to be my friend!

By the house smells really great right now.

If I get as big as a house, you'll all know's the homemade bread.

Hope your first day of school was as sweet as my house smells right now.


texasmcvays said...

I made it throgh Berkeley without smoking pot you can do it! I had a similar moment the other day as I was walking and we were talking about the paperwork for the adoption and I was surrounded by my kiddos...I just kind of looked around and started to look for the girl that wanted to be an Ambassador to Spain or some such country. I think I am much happier where and who I have become then what I thought I wanted to be when I was in college. (I hope that makes sense?) Well, I'm going to gather eggs and get fresh veggies for dinner & check the price of Berkinstocks...who am I?

Sew Cute!! said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I had my 2nd week of Kroger shopping! Before any discounts, my total was 96.00, after discounts and coupons, I paid $33.79!! Being able to load coupons onto my Kroger card really helps!
Also, these are 2 blogs I've been using for a while..

Hope they are helpful to you!


Katie LaPierre said...

well, speaking of big as a house I am blaming my weight gain on YOU :0) After reading your post and seeing your bread photo I got up and made some whole wheat/oatmeal/choc chip bread! my fave :0) excited to hear home schooling is going so well!

Hendrick Family said...


I know. I told Aaron last night as I put on my pj pants that seemed a little more snug than normal that "I have to STOP EATING THE BREAD."

Yes..I really do.


God and Ponytails said...

Nothing better....

yvonne said...

You are a very funny lady don't need any help in that area! God has generously gifted you in expressing your ideas! Too, too funny! Thanks for the laugh...I truly needed it today! Yvonne

yvonne said...

The "bread thing" is a real trip!!! Yeah, you are too cute to be fat Girl...easy up on it! Btw, pot would only make you want to keep eating...and eating...and eating...perhaps I had some experience in this area, sadly to say...however...thank God, I have been delivered from that...still eating tho...what's up with that? Yvonne

Lindsey said...

Heather, I am seriously cracking up right now.

I'm excited for your hippy endeavors... and I'm not far behind.