Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Away

Posts will be few and far between this week.

We're in Brenham

Laughing with friends

Making 60 jars of salsa

Loving our family

Sitting with my sister in law

Snuggling my nieces

Swimming three times a day

Watching my brother work the land from sunup till sundown


Feasting on larger portions of things like




lazy afternoons


space to spread out

So far I've learned that boys fall asleep faster at night when they have been outside all day.


trent said...

Did you paste Hudson into that picture? He looks like a giant compared to the chair in the background, like he could crush it with one step. haha

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! I kept looking at that picture and thinking the same thing.

But no...Hudson was not pasted. That's really him in front of real cows near what looks to be a doll house pool chair.


Anonymous said...

I thought the same exact thing!


D.O. said...

Dang it... me too. I was too late.

Anonymous said...

He just looks like he is in very deep thought! Hudson looks like he is about 3 years old! I hope y'all shop at Sams or Costco or something...LOL!!! I love those Hendricks...all 6 of them! Yvonne/Mahji