Monday, August 03, 2009

Sounds Peachy

I made 18 jars of peach jelly today.

18 jars

While pureeing a mountain of peaches, I imagined myself getting another Olympic Medal for a competition that does not exist.

I've imagined myself being awarded Olympic medals, with all the ceremony...tears in people's eyes...the works for several make believe events.


Getting to your vacation destination with four small children and realizing you did not forget ANYTHING. Nothing. I won a gold for that.

Every time I do laundry all day and every sock has a match...yep. The national anthem plays in my mind and people cry for me. I say, "every time" like it happens a lot. It doesn't. It happened once. Yes, I know it's sad, but that day ranks pretty high up on my list of favorite days.

Why can't they award Olympic medals for things that actually being able to open and shut the dryer door without the dryer ever turning off.

All the moms are cheering.

I can hear you.

After I won my medal today, and I finished imagining what the commentators were narrating over the award ceremony I started thinking about peaches.

You know how tomatoes that you buy at the store don't taste anything like tomatoes that grow in your garden?

They are so different, I have a hard time calling both of those things tomatoes.

That's how I feel about peaches.

Peaches in the store taste like dirt.

Peaches from Fairfield taste like candy.

Aaron drove all the way to Madisonville Sunday to buy me some Fairfield peaches.

He loves me.

We have eaten them until we're sick.

The entire top of my mouth has sores on it from all the acid.

I've pooed more in the past 24 hours than I have in the last 3 months.

But will I stop eating the peaches?

No. I won't even slow down.

If you've never eaten peaches...the real ones...then I bet when you hear the phrase, "sounds peachy" you think that means "sounds like hairy blah."

How sad.

When I hear, "sounds peachy" I think...

It sounds "marvelous"..."divine"... like "Jesus made it."

Fairfield peaches from Cooper Farm are worth the 45 minute drive to Madisonville.

They sell them Wednesday-Sunday at the gas station on I-45.

Check out this farm's website. If you are not from around these parts, they give a list of locations where they sell their peaches here. Yum!

I love peaches, and I love my money going to local farmers.

I also love this peach jelly, and all the frozen peaches that will go in my daily smoothie...and the peach cobbler Brooke taught me how to make.

I will also like Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream on my cobbler.

But, you already know that.


Whitney said...


way back when you posted on how to can jelly, you said you would post the instructions....but you never did! I dont blame ya, you're busy!

but if you get a chance, could ya either post them or email me how? i have half of my freezer full of fruit for jelly but have no idea where to start!

Carl Crew said...

You've got me practically drooling at my computer! I like the ones from the store a lot, so these must be great :)

Hendrick Family said...

I know! It is too hard to write it up, Whitney...and canning, I've decided is something you need to learn in person.

Kirby and I are perfecting this art so we can teach a jelly class too.

I'm addicted to canning.

Maybe after you take several classes...couponing...jelly making...we will award homemaking diplomas...or medals...and have a ceremony with the national anthem and fireworks.

Sound fun?


Lindsay said...

Mmmmm...Fairfield peaches. Yet another Texas delicacy I can't get in Nashville. Have you ever eaten them frozen? Oh. My. We used to slice them and then freeze them and have them with breakfast, or lunch, or all day long. Try it (but I'm sure you already have)!

Molly said...

I love you and your love for simple things. Seriously, you are just a joyful girl and it makes me smile. I love your happiness about the dryer door quickness, my new dryer doesn't do it no matter how hard I try. Iwondered if I was the only one that secretly loved that and made a competition out of it.

Um, I think you've got something going with this peach jelly. Could this fund adoptions? I think Shockley baby #4's adoption is going to be funded by a bake sale of cookies! Teehee! Don't tell Blake I am already scheming fund raising!

Thanks again for making me smile!

Hendrick Family said...

I have not tried them frozen!

I will.

I did flash freeze a bunch for smoothies. I have two huge freezer bags filled with them. Yum.

Molly...I'll make jelly till I fall over if it would help pay for the next cutie in your house.