Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Scent of a Woman

At the gym yesterday a show was on TV.

I honestly never watch TV during the day, so I'm totally out of the loop on daytime television programs. I was going to try to link to the show or the article but can't find it because I have no idea what I was watching.

The show was a combination of "news" and current trends. By "news" I do not mean the real news. By "news" I mean updates on things like Michael Jackson and high heels.

Apparently a survey was taken of a whole bunch of men.

The survey revealed that the most attractive fragrance a woman can wear is vanilla.


Because when women smell like vanilla it reminds men of baking.

Of course that drove the women nuts on the show. I laughed. No matter how far women think we've come, most men still have an attraction to this idea of a woman at home baking something.


Last night I was telling Aaron about the survey.

I told him that the survey revealed the most sexy smell to a man is vanilla.

Of course he said, "So did you come straight home and put something vanilla on?"

No. I didn't. I told him I don't really want to smell like a cinnamon roll.

Aaron said something like, "That's fine. I would much rather you smell like bacon. That's the sexiest smell to me."


We laughed because it was obvious a woman made up the survey. If a man had made it up bacon and gravy would have been two of the choices.

Single ladies...

Aaron is convinced you should wear bacon or gravy perfume. The boys would be chasing you down.


Laura linked to a great product in the comment section. I thought it was so funny, I needed to bring it up here.

Aaron...if this ends up in my stocking this Christmas, I'm going to do something mean to you in your sleep. I'm thinking a baby poo mustache. Be very afraid!


Laura Stiller said...

That's funny - maybe you should go buy some of this then:

Bill in the forest said...

Aaron is awesome... I need to meet Aaron for lunch, but if he chooses Subway again over Jack-in-the-Box I will have several questions.

Grace Family said...

Everything is better with Bacon!!! :-)