Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Little Ham

I came back here to edit this post in case you are searching for Cinderella Rock information and got sent here by dear ol' google.

The play got shut down.

I think it was a scam.

Lots of people in our town lost all their money and have not been refunded.

Email me for details if you are thinking about letting your kids audition for this play!

Our craziest son will be in his first ever play this weekend.

It's called Cinderella Rock.

Hayden couldn't be more excited.

It's funny how different all these little ones are in our home.

I keep hearing Anson and Ashton saying things like...

" know there are going to be lots of people watching you, right?"

They sound terrified. Even Hudson has looked concerned.

To their terror, Hayden responds..."Yes! I'm going to be FAMOUS."

At Life Group on Wednesday, he shared his thought process with some of us...

"Maybe the newspaper is going to be there, and I'll get to be in the newspaper."

"Maybe I'll be on TV."

During his audition he had to be alone in a room with a grown up. He sang. He danced. He said some lines.

I had no idea how this was going to go. I had no script to practice with him. They didn't really say what Hayden would be doing during the audition...we had no idea what to expect.

When they called me back into the audition room, the first thing the lady said was "Well...he's definitely not shy."


He isn't.

I could write more at this point about all the stage moms at the audition with their daughters...

But I need to pray more or something before I do. Right now...I just want to be mean and laugh.

Maybe some other time I'll describe that scene.


Bob & Judy said...

We're gonna MISS IT!!!!! I sure hope you get him on video. He's gonna have a great time. And we want to see it.

Break a leg, Hayden!!! We are so excited for you! Grandma & Poppi

Hendrick Family said...

I'm thinking if I take the camera we might get a chance to win America's Funniest Home Videos. That is Hayden's favorite show, so how ironic would that be?


Jennifer Bacak said...

We just thought our kids were going to be in a play this weekend.
That was weird.
For those driving all day and night to get here to see Hayden in this, it has been re-scheduled.
Are y'all still doing it Heather?
We are out.
Can't do that weekend.

Anonymous said...

Tell Hayden good luck for us.

Love you all.

G-Pa and GiGi