Friday, August 28, 2009

One of my Favorite Things about Kindergarten:

Letting my little ones sprawl out on the floor next to their mother at the computer.

They relax and then tell me whatever story is in their brain.

I type so fast, I think my fingers might fly off.

I learned this activity while watching a documentary on PBS about educating boys.

Generally boys don't like to write.

So, some times it's easy to think there's nothing in their brain since nothing usually comes out on paper.

This is very different from most girls. Most girls are filling up journals, writing notes and love letters in Kindergarten while the boys blankly stare at their empty papers. It's easy to think that girls are smart and boys are cavemen.

By typing their creations for them, I have found that even little male Kindergartners have vivid stories running around in their minds, and they can describe the pictures in their imaginations with brilliant, creative vocabularies.

Oh how I love their stories!



Cole and Holly said...

I just read the story to my husband and we both laughed so hard at the cussing baby monkey. Thanks for sharing this!

Hendrick Family said...

Hi Holly.

Went to your blog. How cute are you guys?

Yes...the cussing monkey. Sometimes it's fun to know what is their brain. Sometimes the stories they tell make you wonder if you really should dig very far into their little minds.

I thought the cussing monkey was kind of questionable...and the "beautiful wife getting tan on the trampoline."



D.O. said...

I am so, so happy that school has started again.