Saturday, August 08, 2009

Need A Second to Think

Know what I'm doing right now?

Give up?

I'm trying to figure out a way to NEVER put the boy's laundry away ever again.

I know there is a way.

Yes...I've tried making them do it, and they do.

But I'm getting more and more irritated that their clothes are upstairs and the laundry room is downstairs.

Wouldn't it be the best if I could wash clothes and then put the kid's clothes away in the laundry room?

Who said your clothes have to be in your own bedroom? Who said that? Did anyone?

I'm super sick of climbing stairs.

I'm even more sick of sending kids upstairs to their bedrooms to get dressed and then them coming downstairs looking like little funky dressed goobers.

Know how many times I say, "Only wear things you've seen me put together for you?"

About three times a day.

I'm reworking the laundry room right now figuring out how to have their clothes in there.

I can fold them.

I can put them up as I fold them.

I can also stand right there and watch them pick their clothes out. No more traveling up and down the stairs in an "outfit" just to hear their mother say, "Sorry. I don't think so."

My head hurts from what I've organized so far.

I needed a breather.

I'm going to make this work.

Uh huh.

I am.

Anyone seen this kind of set up in any house besides the Duggar's? I mean, I'm like 42 kids short of what they have, but can I still do this?


SocialWkr24/7 said...

I have a friend whose laundry room is on the second floor between all their bedrooms - I think that is genius!

Grace Family said...

I'm trusting you'll take pictures when you're done so we can see the genius organization going on!

Megan Fletcher said...

I watched a special on that family that has 17 kids (maybe more by now) and they had a huge laundry room with dressers for all the kids there. They had an outfit picked out for them (or they picked one) the night before and took it up to their bedroom to get dressed in the morning. I think it's a wonderful idea.

Our last house had the laundry closet (not a room, just a washer/dryer in a closet) on the 2nd floor with the bedrooms. I LOVED it! Made so much sense. Now we have a single story home and it's a non-issue, really. But, I still don't like putting clothes away.

Hendrick Family said...

No kidding! I hate putting laundry away too. it just me, or when your family gets this size does putting it up just seem dumb?

I used to put the laundry up during a time when the laundry was pretty much all clean. It made sense.

Now, there is no natural breaking point.

If we all took our clothes off right now and put them in one pile, I think people would be SHOCKED how much laundry we make in ONE DAY. Six people make a lot of laundry every day.

I'm finding it harder and harder to ever find a breaking point where you shift from washing/folding to putting up!

Hello Duggar's laundry we come!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Please, please take pictures!! I am dying to see what you come up with! I need ideas!!! BADLY!!

Hendrick Family said...

I think I like it! But, I'll give it a week or two to see if this system actually WORKS. That's what matters, right?

If it does work, I'll write a whole post about our crazy clothes.


Angela Collins said...

I'm a mommy of 4 as well (mine are all 4 yrs of age and younger), and I'm totally with you! I agree that keeping clothing clean and put away for a family of 6 is a monumental task! I once posted something on facebook about not being able to catch up with laundry. A friend commented, "I think catching up with laundry is an urban myth, like eating too much chocolate or getting tired of someone scratching your back." HA! I love it! Sorry I don't have any words of advice for you, just encouragement that you are not alone in the fight (against the piles and piles of laundry, both dirty and clean)! I'll be anxiously awaiting the pictures of your solution!

Barbara said...

I can see where you do have a problem. I also visited a house that had a laundry room upstairs, but since you don't, I think what you are doing is great.

Hope it works for you.


Anonymous said...

Amen. I get so tired of the up/down stairs routine with our laundry. There are 9 people in this house. Laundry is a way of life. There HAS to be an easier way. AND, my 3 year old adorable daughter who is off-the-charts ADHD....LOVES to say, "I need to go upstairs and get dressed." That's code for "I want to go upstairs and see how much trouble I can get into before Mom calls me to come downstairs!"

My sister has a laundry chute that goes right to the laundry room, but that only helps with how the clothes get DOWN, not up.

I have a favorite line that begins, "When Extreme Makeover: Home Edition shows up, I'm going to ask them to build....." and I fill in the blank with things like "a totally organized laundry room with a folding station, etc., and a game room for teenagers that includes a sound-proof room for the drums and electric guitars."


jenny (blessed) said...

We also have a family of 6 and something that helps me out a ton is that I hang almost everything!!!!! Aside from panties and socks...this helps b/c I don't really fold anything and there aren't big piles of clothes...less wrinkling too = less ironing (but, I really don't do that either :) .)

I had thought at one point that I would put the girl's bins lined up in our room and keep all of their clothes there in our bedroom. Our room is huge and the laundry ends up all over it anyways, so it might as well be organized into bins.

I'm interested to see how your system works out..Our laundry room is tiny and basically just a walk-through room to the garage. :(

I've also thought of making my girls wear "uniforms" know, the basics...but I just can't figure that one out!