Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Day of School

School starts today! If you're new here, we home educate our kids. If you want to know why we homeschool, I wrote about our choice here in an earlier post.

Whether you homeschool or not, we hope your first day back is beautiful and filled with hope for a bright, new year of learning.


Bob & Judy said...

So exciting! Ashton's first day of school!

We're sure proud of all our brilliant grandsons.

Learn, learn, learn, you guys!

Grandma and Poppi

The Lourceys said...

I LOVE the music idea! How fun!

When they sit down to read their Bibles in the mornings do they just open it and read whatever they find or is there some sort of a plan? My baby isn't there yet but I'm curious to see how other parents do Bible reading time. I have lots to learn. ;)

hodgesgal said...

wow, I am jealous.. as a public school teacher, I need to gett hat organized.. hee hee

can't wait to hear more about your year as it goes on!

blessed said...


We are starting school this week also! We are just going "light" for the first 2 weeks..doing just Math, Reading and Spelling and adding fun stuff like library trips, zoo trips etc....

We will pray for you, if you will pray for us???? :)


Hendrick Family said...

Hey Emily!

Yes..the three older boys just read whatever they want in their Bibles. They go find an alone spot and read. We encourage them to talk to the Lord on their own, but who knows if that happens.

Then they come tell us what they read. We mostly want them learning the discipline of making Bible Study a natural part of their lives. I'm not sure how much they actually learn on their own reading their Bibles...probably more than I think since the Holy Spirit is pretty much the best teacher!


Cale Gardenhire said...

Wow reading this brings back so many memories from when i was a homeschooler. I think that the music idea is pretty awesome! I like how creative you are at teaching your boys.
Remember if you ever have any questions that you want to ask a successfully homeschooled student let me know.


The Lourceys said...

I think it's great that you have them tell you what they've read. It's some sort of accountability, you know they've read and can dialogue with them about it. But you're right they're probably retaining and learning lots more than they communicate to you since the Holy Spirit is the best teacher.

yvonne said...

Heather...I just want to say...YOU ARE DA BOMB MOM!!! How you have managed to set up such a dynamic curriculum is a result of great planning! On the real tho, it's because you start your day by meditating on God's's funny...when we put Him first...everything seems to fall in place! God bless you and I continue to be amazed by His faithfulness! Yvonne

The Kramer Family said...

Happy first day of school boys! You are so loved and so sweet to us. I love the first day o' school pic. It made me chuckle seeing them around the table with the books and pencils everywhere.

so cute.

karen said...

i am curious. how much time/how many hours do you dedicate to schooling each day? thanks and i love your blog.

Hendrick Family said...

Hi Karen...

We do school from 8-12 every day. About 1.5 hours of that, I'm actually you would think of a classroom teacher teaching. The rest of the time, the boys are working, and I'm helping with questions as needed or checking the work they have done.

Anson is older, and obviously has more to do every day so there are times when he may have a subject or two to finish up after lunch.

Although Hayden is in second grade, he seems to finish before Ashton because that's just Hayden's personality. He wakes up at the crack of dawn eager to get started.

Hope that helps.