Friday, August 28, 2009

Dealing with the Issues

You're invited to learn to compost with us.
Details below!

Issue Number One:

We try every year to have a garden, and we grow a big fat pile of nothing.

E for effort?

That's nice, but I'd rather have an eggplant for my effort.

Maybe the reason why we Hendricks plant gardens but never get any food out of them is because our soil is stupid.


Issue Number Two:

Six people make a bunch of trash. Our family makes so much trash we pay to have two trash cans.

If you asked Aaron what his wife's hobby is, he'll tell ya...

"She loves to make trash."

I'm truly gifted at it. This is another one of those made up areas in my mind where I've won a gold medal. I personally think I should be introduced as Heather Hendrick, Trash Making Gold Medalist, but I can't get it to catch on. Maybe I shouldn't imagine myself getting a gold medal for destroying the Earth. Instead, maybe I should make a huge, red "T" and sew it on the front of all my clothes. I'm so guilty!

Any time I watch anything on TV about reducing waste...about how we're all destroying the Earth...I am overcome with not so great feelings. I want to shout back at the TV...FINE...I's me. I'm singlehandedly destroying the earth with all my stinkin' trash. I want to repent and change my ways.

Solution to Both of my Issues...


We Hendricks are going to be composters.

We've asked Thomas Supercinski to teach our family how to compost, and thankfully he has agreed to let us learn from him.

Thomas is a Master Composter.

I'm not sure what that means, but it conjures up images of ninjas for some reason, so we like it.

I think we should all start our compost class off by bowing to Thomas, with our hands together in front of our chests and say, "Master Composter."

Not really. I'll just do that in my mind.

Thomas and his wife Rachel are super smart (in about a billion ways) but particularly in ways relating to the garden. Rachel has answered many of my questions about food...making yogurt...jelly...bread...and probably other things too that I don't remember. The Supercinski's are a wealth of information. I have been extremely grateful for all of Rachel's help.

And...I'm not even kidding when I say this...

They actually get food out of their garden each season.

I know. Get out!

Want to learn how to compost with us? We think it would be fun to have a compost class together with our friends.


Compost Class
Saturday, September 19
2:30 p.m.
The cost...FREE!

To sign up, head over to the Supercinski's blog and let them know you are coming! Let us know you're coming too...just cause we like to know those things.

Our kids have to learn about composting in school this year. Got to love any opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Actually we're killing three birds (solving our soil issue, garbage issue and school issue). That's a lot of dead birds. Can you throw dead birds in your compost pile? If so, we're already well on our way.

Thanks Supercinskis! We Hendricks are excited to learn from you in a few weeks!


Rachel said...

We'd love to come! Depending on what time my sister's baby shower is that day and if Sherman is on the worship team and has to be there for practice. Any helpful tips for our compost would be great- though Sherman already predicts were going to have some nice soil come spring!

Katie LaPierre said...

ah man! I wish I could come! a trip from central california to texas probably won't work though :0)

JeremyandCarla said...

We will be there!

Will and Kate said...


Will and I actually went over to their (the Supercinski's) house about a month ago and Thomas taught us how to compost, oh lovely compost...we built our own bin (an awesome one) all for virtually free and it has been such a fun transition! We already are having some nice, dark brown, trash dirt :) is AMAZING how much less we take out the trash now, and there's only 2 of us! We actually already have too much's crazy fun, and your boys are going to love, love, love the bugs! Thomas was really fun to learn from. Good luck!

SNM said...

There's a truck parked in front of Wes Hammitt's law office and it's bumper sticker says, "compost happens". That has got to be Wes'truck. Sounds like his sense of humor. Good luck composting. Oh--I met Sarah Pitts this summer. Her husband is preaching at my cousin's church in Minden. SMALL WORLD!

cristina said...

i've signed up and hope to bring a friend along. how do you know the things i want to learn about? LOL!

mlynn said...

I ran across your blog from links from other blogs and have enjoyed reading about the coupons classes! I just noticed your blog about composting. I'm also a master composter and have been composting with worm bins for about 5 years. Your kiddos would love it! You should look into it too!

Jessica B. said...

I'm in!

Will and Kate said...

You might already know about this, but I just thought I'd let you know...there is a class being hosted at Producers Coop in Bryan this Saturday from 11am - noon and the topic is Fall Vegetable Gardening in BCS...and it's FREE! I know it's late notice, and I'm not sure yet if we're going to be able to go, but just thought I'd pass it along to you and anyone else who might be interested. If I remember correctly, they might be having a special on some of their vegetable transplants on Saturday for class attendees??? but I'm not sure on that one...I tend to make up sales in my mind sometimes because it makes me more excited about something :)

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! Kate...

I think we're going to go on Saturday.

They even have stuff for the kids. Big fun!


The Uptons said...

I plan to come with our 5 year old son, Maxwell.