Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What a Happy Fourth! (and bunches more pictures)

We decided to make a big stinkin' deal out of this year's fourth of July.

After spending the weekend with our dear friends, the Garratts, in Wimberly...we started thinking...

It's SO FUN to spend a weekend with your friends. We have loved getting away with the Garratts and genuinely enjoy when friends from out of town come stay the weekend with us. So why not do that more often?

Why not have sleep overs with people who don't live out of town?

The Apels were our first friends to invite to spend the night.

We asked them if they wanted to come spend the night with us, so we could hang out, put the kids to bed and stay up talking and playing games.

They said yes!

So, we spent Friday night together. We stayed up late. We played a new board game. We decided people should do this more often, it really is a lot of fun!

Saturday morning, we started the day off by hosting a Fourth of July brunch for a bunch of friends. We had SO MUCH delicious breakfast. Sausage/cream cheese rolls, breakfast casserole, french toast, pigs in a blanket, homemade biscuits, cinnamon rolls, fruit...yum.

Then we headed to the pool for a few hours.

A large group of us showed up, and get this...we were the only people at the pool for about two hours. Really. It was like we rented it out or something.

The pool hosted all these fun events for fourth of July.

So, when they had their water balloon competition or relay races...the only people playing were the people in our group! What a fun day.

After swimming, we all headed home, got cleaned up, put babies down for naps, and got ready for dinner.

We ate BBQ baked potatoes, salad, corn on the cob, homemade bread, was all so yummy.

Then we loaded up the kids and headed to Washington on the Brazos. Normally we go to the George Bush Library for fireworks, but I hate it.

I was ruined by the firework show in our town growing up. It was in a big park. You could put a blanket down on the ground, and the fireworks lasted a long time...and they were so close, pieces of the fireworks fell on you. Now that's what I call a fireworks show.

Here, you usually end up having to watch them on the side of the road. So dumb.

So, we heard that HEB was hosting a fireworks show at Washington on the Brazos.

Of course we left later than we wanted to leave...this is us we're talking about.

I got pretty ticked on the way there that we couldn't find the place, and there are detours and all kinds of mess trying to get out there.

We finally find the park, and it's so full, we can't get inside. As soon as we drove up, Hayden said..."I think there are going to be a lot of mini vans at this place."

He's so weird and funny.

He was also right. It looked like a mini van car club was meeting.

We parked in some person's one else would, but it looked like no one was home, so why not?

Good thing we drove all the way out there, because the firework show lasted all of three minutes.

At the end, there was this thing that I thought could be the finale...a bunch of fireworks in a row. And then, after that ongoing explosion, several crummy fireworks went off.

And then a just went up and fell down.

I turned to our group and said, "Wouldn't that be so funny if that was the way this firework show ended?" I was laughing thinking how ridiculous that would be.

And then cars began starting their engines and driving off.

What? No way. This is NOT how this is going to end.

I threw a fit.

And yet the cars just kept leaving.

We won't be doing the Washington on the Brazos thing again. I was so glad we didn't get inside the park, because I think we would have had to wait until the next fourth of July to actually come home. The traffic coming out of that place was crazy.

Just our personal opinion, but our group gave the Washington on the Brazos firework show a bunch of thumbs down.

Okay, not really. I made everyone give it a thumbs down. No one else seemed nearly as bothered about the fireworks show as I was. Look at Aaron...even when forced, he won't complain. Seriously, honey...that's the worst disappointed look I've ever seen.

Since the traffic was so awful, we decided to make the best of it. We cut open a watermelon and sat in someone's yard and ate it. I was hoping that person was WAY inside the park. It would have been weird for them to come home with all of us sitting in their yard having a big time.

We loaded up, came home...and ate Kirby's Fourth of July pie at about midnight.

It was delicious. Then the boys reminded us that we needed to do sparklers. I was wondering if this day was ever going to end, and if Asher was going to succeed at setting one of the other kids on fire. We sparklered it up and then went to bed.

It took all of Sunday to recover from our full Fourth of July.

As I was tucking Ashton in, he said, "I loved this day, momma." I said, "You did? What was your favorite part of today?"

My little piggy answered...

"All that breakfast and all that dessert."

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The Kramer Family said...

I TOTALLY agree with you about the Fireworks show at Washington on the Brazos- and we were in the park with all of the mini vans. It was short and lame.

We thought we were going to have the lowest maintenance 4th ever since we usually put on a big shin-dig. But, we worked harder at going to all of these parades and shows that we are bringing the shin-dig back next year.

We had the worst fourth ever without all of our peeps blowing up stuff in our pasture!

Love you!

p.s. Someday, you should seriously take the boys to an Astros game. They have the BEST fireworks show that I've seen. And its right after the game is over (maybe on certain nights or all home games....not for sure on that). They are literally right above you. So cool! The tickets are worth just seeing the fireworks. They are that awesome.

kathryn said...

That stinks that the fireworks show was a bust this year! We went three years ago and it was great. We came early and listened to a band (not a rock band, like orchestra without the strings) play patriotic music, got FREE BLUE BELL ICE CREAM, and then watched a very long fireworks show. It was strangely long, actually. People kept thinking it was over and starting to pack up and then another round would start. Did I mention they gave out FREE Blue Bell? I think it took us almost two hours to get home with all the traffic, though. It sounds like HEB is a less extravagant sponsor.