Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Went to France for our Anniversary!

Well, not the real, far away France.

Aaron asked Crystal to stay with the boys last night.

We left the house, went and ate at Pei Wei...my favorite, and then drove through a terrible storm, tornadoes and all to get to our destination...

A little cabin in the woods at the 7-F Lodge.

how cute is this?

We had a sweet time.

We played Rummy.

Rummy isn't code for something else.

We really played Rummy...the card game.

Before we were married, and before we had kids, we would play Rummy a lot before bed.

There are only two games I can play with Aaron and win half of the time...

Rummy and Scategories

What a fun thing to do on our anniversary.

I was reminded, as I sat with Aaron all evening...no tv...just lots of talking and touching...how much I enjoy my husband.

He really is my favorite person to be with...to talk to...to work through huge ideas.

He makes me laugh.

After the tornado warning subsided, and the huge hail stopped falling, we sat out on that porch and talked...watching the rain.

We came home to sweet boys, waiting on the front porch for us.

And a horror story.

Poor Crystal.

Hudson woke up at 6 a.m. She went to get him, picked him up and realized he was COVERED in poop.

She was covered in poop.

His bed, everything in it was covered in poop.

He was screaming with a horrible diaper rash.

Poor punkin!

Crystal must really love us!

We're so thankful for her.

Before she left, she said, "This was good practice. Except, I get to go home and take a nap before work. Real moms don't."

I told her to savor this time!

If you live here locally...or even if you don't...

I must say, I am sad I didn't know about the 7 F Lodge sooner!

It was so nice. I am a hotel snob, so when Aaron asked me if I wanted to stay somewhere for the night on our anniversary, I told him..."Here? In this town. No. There is not a hotel in this town nicer than my own bedroom."

I was wrong.

We will be going back.

It was the perfect get away.

They have several cabins from which to choose. Check them out! Here's a couple of my favs:

France...our cabin

Sully's place

Batt's Ferry Log Cabin

And check out this chapel...

Someone SERIOUSLY needs to get married here and invite me.

My favorite part of our stay...

We never laid eyes on another person the entire time we were there. Breakfast was in our room, waiting for us. The key was hidden for us to find.

I know not everyone cares about that...but if you do...you know what I'm saying...it was fantastic!


abbyjoy said...

Hi Heather,

I feel ridiculous because I don't actually know you but I am friends with Emily Bruss and a few other Living Hope folks so I found your blog through them and read it a lot...you are an encouragement to me! I got married a year ago at 7F and just had to share that with you :). We actually stayed in France after our wedding! Anyway...thank you for encouraging me in Jesus through your writing...I know I will remember things you've said about being a Mommy when I become one someday :).


thoughtsbyryan said...

Please don't blame Hudson's poopy body on me! I swear I used disinfectant wipes when I cleaned up the mess.

Glad you guys had fun last night.

Anonymous said...

I had to comment...I have a really good friend from high school that got married several years ago at 7F and it was spectacular...hot, but spectacular. Bridesmaids in Ann Taylor wrap white shirts and bright yellow organza skirts carrying Texas Wildflower bouquets. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I'd ever seen!

Debra in Houston

Hendrick Family said...

Nice to meet you Abby and Debra!

I would LOVE to go to a wedding at the 7H Lodge.

It looked like a fairy tale setting.


And Ryan...not gonna lie...after changing Hudson's runny diaper for the third time in two hours, as I was cleaning him up I did mumble..."Ryan."

But I still love you, even if you shared your nasty doo doo germs.


The Williams Family said...

I LOVE 7-F! France has that huge cushy bed!!! I used to do tons of weddings there working at the flower shop and it became my favorite place to set up. I think Spain is fun too b/c of the red heart shaped tub! I'm so glad that ya'll could get away and share some great time together.

The Houstons said...

that is too funny! I just booked our 2 night stay in the Spain cabin when Jon comes back from Iraq for 2 weeks!!! We will be heading up there mid August...we are hoping to get together with our dear friends from what was then Living Hope, gosh we've been away for such a long time!
Maybe we will run into you guys!

Gabbie said...

I'm so glad you went! Our daughter Jaclyn was married there and it was really beautiful! Bruce and I stayed in
The Barn for our anniversary (27 years!) We also love to play games together! We played
Scrabble. We also love to play backgammon. We have a little set that is great to play in bed! I really love the journal idea and reading all the stories of the people that come to get away and escape, but be close to home. I have never liked being too far from my kids.

Hendrick Family said...

Look at you commenting, Mrs. Gabbie! I wish I could have come to your daughter's wedding. What great taste you guys have!


Anonymous said...

Mark and I are writing this comment together. We just spent our 21st anniversary there in March. We stayed in the Hill Country Lodge.

While we must admit that it was the most incredible place we've ever stayed and truly the most beautiful anniversary we have ever celebrated....we do have one warning:

Watch out for the wood floors....and for random sheer nightwear thrown about on the floor...which can be a very slippery surface to walk across....and just MIGHT result in a painful splinter...requiring your spouse to use a knife to dig out said splinter....and could also result in one of THE funniest memories of your entire marriage!!

7-F Lodge. So worth the money - even if you have to save up little by little for it. Priceless gift for your marriage. Priceless.

Mark and Melodi

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! We got your message, Melodi. Too funny. Until you and Mark went to this place, I never knew we had such a great get away right here in our town!

That cabin you stayed in is the biggest one, right? We went walking around and found it.


Ricci said...

"random sheer nightware..."
Haha, too funny.

This place looks awesome! We looked at it for a wedding site, but 1. it would have been june (waaay too hot) and 2. it didn't have enough seating for our huge families. It may have to go in the pool for places to have an anniversary, though!

Thanks for sharing, Heather!

Charlie said...

We stayed at the Sugar Shack for our anniversary once. It was awesome. It has a microphone, blues guitar, and a speaker that you can do a little ditty on. My guitar playing was as good as Asher's but I did Karaoke Revolutionize Kirby that night. It was nice to be alone together without distractions and noise.

We also had our fake wedding there. We've got lots of pictures in that chapel from your sis-in-law!

stephanie garcia said...

Getting away together is so important and I'm glad you were able to make this special memory!