Friday, July 03, 2009

Speaking of Parenting

Anyone seen this show on CMT?

I've been hesitant to tell anyone about this new find, because some of my favorite friends are "reality show" junkies, and one of my favorite things to do is make fun of them for watching these kinds of shows. Now what am I going to tease them about? Just give me time...I'll think of something.

If you haven't ever seen World's Strictest Parents, you should definitely DVR it.

I saw the title, and thought to myself..."Yes...I want to watch this show. I bet these strict parents are mean and crazy." I was envisioning some military style, unloving dad running his children's lives with excel spread sheets, making his kids drop and give him 20 when they forgot to put the lid down on the toilet.

This show takes teens from one home and puts them in the home of "The World's Strictest Parents" for one week.

We were only about three minutes into this show before we realized...wait...wait a second...these strict parents aren't mean and crazy...they are NORMAL.

According to this show, you are the "World's Strictest Parent" if you don't let your teen smoke in your house, yell at you, stay out until 3 a.m., or cuss you out in your living room.



The Kramer Family said...

ummmm..... i LOVE this show. i thought the same exact thing.....the world's strictest parent' are for the most part really good parents- not strict.

Nicki said...

We don't have cable anymore, but BONUS- they have all the episodes on So I'm watching these CRAZY, STRICT parents....oh wait, I mean totally logical people.