Friday, July 24, 2009

Religion Saves + A Give Away

I told you I liked the book.

I like it enough to spend some of my swagbucks on a lucky winner. I would give you mine, but I wrote in it and there's already a list of people who have asked to borrow it when Aaron gets finished. Besides, I said Religion Saves is a great resource, so it will be a book I'll want to keep handy.

To enter the drawing for a free copy of Religion Saves + Nine Other Misconceptions leave a comment with the following info:

1. The name of your favorite Muppet

2. What question (found in the review below), you're most eager to read about in the book.

If you live outside the US, can't play.

The drawing for the book will be held on Tuesday.


The Mosiers said...

My favorite muppet is definitely Kermit.

I'm most excited to read about the first question on the Regulative principle, mainly b/c I'm not exactly sure what that is!


Rachel Marie said...

1. Fav muppet - Kermit
2. Question that intrigues me: Question 2: The Emerging Church (10) What can traditional and established churches learn from "emerging" churches?

Thanks for the giveaway!

SocialWkr24/7 said...

Hmmm... its been a long time since I watched the Muppets! But I was always partial to Big Bird. :)

I'm eager to read the question about is #3. I have been struggling with this recently.

MacKenzie said...

My favorite muppet is the Swedish chef because my mom always used to call me that when I would try to cook. Even now when I'm cooking and spill something, I find myself saying
"Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue" makes me happy again.

As far as the question I'm most interested in reading about, I would say #1. I have no idea what that question even means, so I'm eager to learn about it.

thoughtsbyryan said...

Oooo... pick me, pick me!

1. I don't even remember any of the muppets... but I do remember Kermit having a ridiculous voice... I'll go with him.

2. I'm interested in reading the chapter about humor. I probably (read: definitely) go over the line with humor sometimes and would be interested to see what Scripture has to say about it. And, I would also like to read about the Emerging Church.


Andrea Manor said...

My favorite muppet is Fozzie the bear.

I'm interested in reading the predestination chapter.

alisha lombardi said...

1. Bert & Ernie
2. Question 6


Hendrick Family said...

My favorite Muppet, by the way is Beaker, although, until I wrote the post below, I always thought his name was Meeper.

Turns out, Meeper is a slang term for a woman's private parts.

Awesome. I'm trying to think of how often I've said the word, Meeper in public, when referring to Beaker.



Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Fav Muppet = Miss Piggy due to my first college roomie who was hilarious and referenced Miss Piggy often.

Most interested in the question about Birth Control. I've had many questions about this running through my mind the last few months.

Will and Kate said...

I would have to say Gonzo is my favorite muppet...for sure.

I am most excited to read about the emerging church...not something that I've ever read much or really know much about.

Thanks Heather!


Kaycee said...

Favorite muppet is fozzie. Not sure I can narrow down just one question. I feel the same as you and Aaron...we get asked about these topics so much it just sounds like a great resource to have when helping others through these topics.

Kaycee Bevers

steph-a-ronie said...

My favorite question is Fozzie Bear. He's quite loveable. :-)

Most interested in number two, lessons from the emerging church.

Charlie said...

My favorite Muppet was probably Beaker.

And if the section is more thorough than the sermon, I'm going with the Dating's a constant counseling issue around here. Of course it is.

The Lourceys said...

Favorite muppet is Kermit.

Question I'm most interested in is birth control. We use FAM but still am not sure about "family planning."


Wife Goes On said...

Favorite muppet - Beaker
Question that intrigues me - Christians breaking out of sexual sin.
thanks for the opportunity to read this book.

Nicki said...

I liked snuffleupagus, just because the name is fun to say. I'm curious about the chapter on Birth Control.

The Kramer Family said...

My favorite muppet is Gonzo!! He stinkin' crazy and random.

Most interested in predestination chapter bc this topic has came up tons lately.

Also, #1 intrigues me because I have no idea what in the heck it even means and why its #1. Apparently I should.

Rachel H said...

My favorite muppet is Kermit!

I'm interested in learning about question # 1, not sure what that's about.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Pepe the king prawn. He was on "Muppets Tonight", I don't know if he was part of the original cast.

Regulative Principle, because I've listened to Driscoll talk about most of the other issues, and I think it's funny that a bunch of Presbyterian bloggers rallied together to make that question #1 whenever they were voting on that sermon series. Otherwise, why would that question be #1? (And for the record, I like Presbyterians).


Anonymous said...

Favorite muppet: Kermit, although snuffelufagus (sp?) runs a close second.

Question most intriguing to me: #9, since I am asked that question a lot and I know what Mark and I answer each time. I'd be very curious to read Mark Driscoll's answer.


Bob & Judy said...

Animal was my favorite muppet, even if I can't play because I live in another country!

Craig said...

Favorite Muppet - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Most Interesting Question - #9; birth control

Anonymous said...

My name is Anna Tune. I live in Houston, Texas. My favorite muppet is Kermit, hands down. I think mainly because of the dynamic relationship between he and Miss Piggy. It cracks me up. My favorite question is Number 1, The Regulative Theory. I believe this question goes hand in hand with the last question, about out humor and how maybe sometimes it is inappropriate to certain people groups :) Does our methodology match the scriptures or our culture? A good question to think about...

D.O. said...

1. Gonzo the Great

2. Birth Control.

Why BC? Well because I've been brought up in the church and it's the only item on the list I haven't heard a ton about over the years. Also, I'm oddly fascinated by the matter.

In other news... the photos in your sidebar make it look like it's cold in The Station all the time.

The Carters said...

Hey Heather, I have enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of weeks--:)

1. favorite muppet would probably be kermit

2. and i would be most intrigued to hear his answers to questions one and nine...nine, because I just would like to know what his take on bc is and one, because i don't even know what the regulative principle is.

ashley carter

Ursula said...

Favorite muppet: Kermit
Chapter: Dating

Sherman said...


(hmph... colon after period... weird) This is Texas, you know better. It's one million degrees outside.


Waldorf and Statler are my faves (the old guys in the balcony)! Hilarious!
(Oh, but what about Dr Teeth and the Swedish Chef! I grew up on this stuff guys...)

Humor and The Emergent Church - I picked two because I had two Muppet faves.

I get two entries right? I did give you two entries all in one post... ask your kids, I'm sure they'll see that my logic is infallible.

texasmcvays said...

Miss Piggy of course!

Question 1: The Regulative Principle

Jennifer said...

I couldn't pick a favorite muppet, but Brett said, "That's easy! Gonzo, duh!"

I'm interested to read what he has to say about birth control. I've been researching a lot on the pill recently.

blessed said...

Hmmmm....Favorite Muppet...I loved those little wup, wup, wup guys that sat outside on the window you remember them? They would just say...wup, wup wup with big open mouths??? Or, was it yep,yep, yep????

I want to know more about all of these topics, but the one that stands out is Birth Control. Being exposed to foster care, I feel as though there should be regulated birth control for women who can not stop having babies when addicted to drugs. I don't know if that is biblical or not, it's how I feel.

TJ said...

My favorite muppet is Kermit.

I'm most interested to read question 1 :)

Jessica said...

I like give-aways.

1.I think I like Cookie Monster best
2. So many...let's just say, 8 & 9

Bill under the pine trees said...

I was not going to answer but I'm afraid I must becuase...


How can you forget grover... near, far... SuperGrover... C'MON PEOPLE!!

though DO(H)'s friend does get points for the balconey boys... they have the best lines in the theme song.

Snuffalufagus is also a wonderful honorable mention... even though none of us can spell his name and he wasnt capitalized... he's awesome.

I would read the chapter on humor first...

Laura Stiller said...

1. Favorite muppet: Miss Piggy
2. I would like to read the chapter that addresses birth control.

Can't wait to see who wins!

Cale said...

My favorite muppet would have to be Grover. According to my mom my favorite book growing up was Farmer Grover and i read/looked through it everyday.

I have already listened to a couple of these sermons online but i agree with Charlie that if the book expounds on each sermon a little more then Dating (#3) would be my choice. I mean hey that will be really helpful to me in the future.