Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fall Garden

Since our summer garden was such a hit, we have decided to start a fall one.

That sentence is dripping with sarcasm since our summer garden was in fact NOT a hit.

It was stupid.

I really think the professors at Texas A&M should bring their students over here to show them every possible thing that could go wrong with a one handy location.

We will not give up on totally failing in the garden department. we come.

To celebrate our love of completely stinkin' at gardening...check out this cool video.

I want to be these people.

My neighbors would probably not want me to be these people.

Pretty impressive!

I really want to eat her salad.


Rachel said...

Just watched the video- we're in. That's all Sherman needed. And we totally have more than 1/10th of an acre! He's cutting down the crape myrtle trees and will probably be rigging up a bike to some sort of kitchen appliance in the near future. We'll keep you posted!

texasmcvays said...

I MUST have the link to the video we have to watch it....I am unable to go on with my life without seeing it. I haven't even seen it and I think I may be in! Please e-mail it to tonight if you can.
PS I cannot beleive you didn't mention this to me at church. :)

texasmcvays said...

Holy Smokes...we are so in! We just found and saw the video. My neighbors already think I am that and I'm not, but I want to be. I want some of that California veggie goat cheese Pizza they were chowing down on...yum!

thoughtsbyryan said...

man... I really want to be them.

Something about having a garden where you can just go outside and pick your produce really seems awesome. We got a little taste of that this year with our herb garden.

My question is... how do you do this with a normal job and stuff. I would think it would take way to much time and energy for it not to be your full-time job. When Sara and I were visiting the Amish people last week, we asked how we could join and realized that we don't have what it takes... so, if we're not gonna be Amish... how do we live off the land?

I really just want to be an Amish person with and keep my Mac, camera, and would kinda still want an iPhone. Aside from that... I think I could do it!