Friday, July 31, 2009


Does anyone here locally have a pressure cooker I could borrow?

Kirby and I are looking for one at garage sales, but haven't found one yet.


I don't want to blow myself up.


Aaron will sort of want to blow something up (what's new)...but I promise, I will try not to blow up your pan or blow up myself.

I want to can salsa.


I'm scared though. I'm probably going to borrow Will's motorcycle helmet and wear it while canning.

Yes...I'll take a picture.


Brandi said...

I didn't use my pressure canner. The recipe I followed said just a regular boiling water bath. I just boiled the jars in my regular stock pot. I loosely followed this, but be warned, it turned out spicier than I wanted. I ended up adding canned tomatoes to tone it down. But it tastes good and was easy.

I have a pressure canner but honestly I'm a little scared of it, and have never used it. I feel like something is going to blow up.

Karen said...

I have a pressure cooker (in Pettus) and I have used it, though not recently. It is NOT dangerous.

But it is true that one does not need a pressure cooker for canning most fruits (including tomatoes), since they have more acid. The water bath method will work. (I have done that as well one year when we had more tomatoes than I could even give away. (Imagine that)

So, I guess your choices are water bath--or drive to Pettus :)

emily said...

heey heather! I just roadtripped home to good ole' daingerfield, tx and my parents garden overflowed with tomatos (and every other vegetable) this we canned TONS of salsa. I can vouch for what the two ladies before me have already mentioned, no need for a pressure cooker :) just boil those babies up~

Our recipe was not anything fancy--but let me tell you, my friends in D.C. are ready to pay me big bucks for my homemade Texas salsa!

We boiled the tomatos just enough until the skin started to pop/crack, then we could easily peel them. We chopped up the tomatos (as chunky or as minced as you would like). Then, we cut up a bunch of cilantro, green pepper, onion, and jalapeno to add to the tomatos. We put it all back on the stove to simmer for about 15 minutes while the cans boiled in another pot. We added salt/other seasoning and lime juice to taste. Then we canned it all up :)

I want to know your recipe when you can yours!

hope all is well in CS!

Hendrick Family said...

Emily! I love you! I miss you!!

I made salsa this weekend without a pressure cooker, as advised.

Giving it a few days, and then I'm going to open a jar and try it. We'll see!