Thursday, June 04, 2009

This Friday

We love downtown Bryan.

The first Friday of every month, the shops stay open late.

You can browse antique stores

eat blue bell ice cream

go to Greta's Frame Gallery for art and live music

watch a movie at the Palace Theater for free
(This month they are showing City Slickers)

and of course eat at a yummy, one of a kind restaurant.

Although I can't find the details, this month's First Friday Event is supposed to be bigger and better than it normally is. There will be some sort of Art Show going on with "31 venues and loads of live entertainment" (from the executive director of the Downtown Bryan Economic Development Association).

I have an email into the lady who organizes these events, so if I hear back from her, I'll pass along the details.

To help people out...

If you have a favorite downtown restaurant...will you mention it in the comment section, along with your favorite thing to order?

Also...if you know of any places to get coupons for restaurants downtown, will you mention that as well?

These nights are very fun and eclectic. We always take the boys...and I always bring my camera. There are tons of places to set your kids and snap some great photos.


Rachel H said...

I love Square One. Their tomato basil soup is so good, and filling, and it's only $4! There isn't a lot of seating so usually there is a long wait. But, I think you can make reservations ahead of time.

Hendrick Family said...

Me too. I love Square One.

They have a yummy mushroom alfredo pasta dish, as well as one with cilantro and lime cream sauce. Yum.

I love Mr. G's. My favorite thing there is a pepperoni pizza.

I like the sour cream chicken enchiladas from Casa Rodriguez.

Koppe Bridge opened up a new restaurant downtown...River Bridge maybe? If you've never eaten a hamburger and french fries from Koppe are missing out.

Those are my favs.


thoughtsbyryan said...

ooo... heck yeah... Sara and I love being in downtown Bryan. Unfortunately we will be out of town tomorrow.

As far as restaurants go, we like a LOT of them:

On the more expensive side... Madden's is the bomb! We went there the night we got engaged... and pretty much only go there when my parent's will pay! But, if you go, order the Crab & Avocado Salad as an appetizer... it is really great.

Square One is also a great place. They have the best Bread Pudding dessert in town... and they also have some kickin' cornbread casserole stuff you can get as a side... I highly recommend.

Cafe Capri is one of those cool Italian places that makes you feel like the owner is in the mob... which I'm still wondering about. My favorite there is the Tortellini alla Capri... it's got seafood in it. (In case you haven't noticed the trend... I like seafood, being from SE Texas and all).

Those are our favorites... If you're wanting the super cheap side... you can't beat the tacos from the Exxon station next door to ya'lls old house... but, those are only for lunch.

theBirkenfelds said...

We LOVE Cafe Capri! It is by far my favorite restaurant. I always get the Cajun Tortellini-- so good.

We also really like Papa Perez, although there is usually a wait. We either get the fajitas or the enchiladas are really great also. Oh yeah, but don't get the queso there-- it is literally just a block of melted velveeta, no tomatoes, no nothin!

kathryn said...

Twice a year - June and November - First Fridays turns into Art Step, and most of downtown Bryan is involved. It's so much fun! I just sent you a facebook message with the Art Step details.

I'm a big fan of Casa Rod (right next to the Frame Gallery).

Hendrick Family said...

Here is some information from Kathryn...thank you!

Follow the footsteps (and this time, violins!) all around downtown to find original work by artists and artisans, live music from jazz to country to classical, artist demonstrations, and arts organizations. And of course, explore historic downtown, dine, shop, ride in the horse drawn carriage....

The Frame Gallery, 216 N. Bryan Ave., 5 - 10pm. Exhibit “Travel Series”, by featured artist Nancy Elliott; painted violin on display (one of violins of the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra’s “Violins of the Valley” that will be auctioned off in the fall); original art by many local artists; live jmusic, R.G. Watkins & Friends- jazz, and Nicole Starch, singer/songwriter in between jazz sets, from 6:30-10:00; art activity for all; cash wine bar;, refreshments. 822-0496

Info tables, 200 block N. Bryan Ave., Brazos County Historical Commission, Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History, MSC Forsythe Galleries, Brazos Heritage Society, Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra

Corner of Time Antiques & Collectibles Mall, 118 N. Bryan Ave. Demos by Brazos Valley Spinners & Weavers as well as a wood turner. Live music!. And a soda fountain! 822-7400

Parker Astin Hardware, 114 N. Bryan Ave, Artist Ken Manthei 822-1541

5.Brazos Glassworks, 202-B W. 26th St. Mary Makela will demonstrate making lampwork beads. On display, one of the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra’s “Violins of the Valley”. 823-0325

Chandler Arden Photography, 206 W. 26th St. “Armadeus” by Sonny Moss, one of BVSO’s “Violins of the Valley” on display

Art 979 & Village CafĂ©, 210 W. 26th St., Opening of exhibit “Downtown Luminaries” by featured artists Jill Mulholland (light sculpture) & Greta Watkins (painted portraits), live music- Joey McGee 6-8pm, Radiofriendly 8-12pm, opening of wine/beer bar 595-8957

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 217 W 26th St., 5:30-9pm. Art by artists of Brazos Valley Episcopal community and Brazos Valley Art League--Parish Hall; view historic stained glass windows, listen to Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra’s violinist and view one of BVSO’s “Violins of the Valley” on display, 822-5176

Farmer’s Market, parking lot of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church,

Bryan Sewing Machines, 108 S Parker Ave, Open 3 – 8pm (normally, open only by appt), Art installation (Sarah Bruton, TAMU ’09) outside, and display of vintage sewing machines inside. Puente will play, starting at 6:30pm. 229-9227.

LaSalle Hotel & Cafe, 120 S. Main St. jewelry by Brazos Valley Jewelry Artists Guild, 822-2000

Carriage Rides, 120 S. Main St. Offered by Hidden Oasis Carriage Co. 7-10pm. 778-3688

Gloria Stephan Sale Park, 300 S. Main St., Live music!

Hendrick Family said...

Part Two...

Visitor Center, 213 S. Main St. B-CS Convention & Visitor Bureau, Downtown Bryan Association & Keep Brazos Beautiful. 822-5639

Revolution Cafe & Bar, 211-B S. Main St., Pottery wheel throwing demonstrations- Sonny Moss, Chris Lockhart 6-8:30pm. And, of course, live music, starting at 9pm!. ($5cover)
9-10:30 “The Sideshow Tragedy” An Austin group of rugged, country-tinged rockers. Steel guitar colors a band that adds electric guitar, drums, and an occasional piano or banjo. 10:30pm-2am “TOPAZ & Mudphonic”, Big Beat Texadelic Swamp music! “A torrid affair of percolating psychedelic funk and raunchy backwoods Texas blues produces Topaz & Mudphonic, a group that could just as easily rock platforms on the streets of New York City as it could let its bare feet dangle in the Colorado River.”-Jambase 823-4044

EarthArt, 209 S. Main St., Art, jewelry, clothing & handicraft from global community. 779-8208

Carnegie Center of Brazos Valley History, 111 S Main St. Friends of the Library paperback book sale 209-5630

Stafford Main Street, 106 S. Main St. Live music venue & bar 775-5359

Must Be Heaven, 100 S. Main St. Art on display by Jamie Bomnskie (in addition to the restaurant’s murals painted by the artist) 822-7722

26.Palace Theater, 105 S. Main St. Sponsor: Bryan Parks & Rec Dept Free movie-- ”City Slickers” starts at “dark thirty”;.Find out more about Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival (June 19 & 20), buy tickets for steak plate, volunteer to help at Tx Reds

James’ Studio 59, 318 N. Main St. Jazz from 5-7pm! 823-8562

Burr’s Unfinished Furniture, 314 N. Main St. 6:30-9pm. Art by Stacy Taylor & Linda Fike. 822-7052

Arkitex Studio, 308 N. Bryan Ave., Original art by Dick Davison, and at 6:30pm, classical guitarist Jonathan Cook 821-2635

and also live music at these places:
Casa Rodriguez- mariachis
Murphy's Law- Irish folk and rock

IE Mommy said...

Hello! You've been tagged.
Check out the fun at the IE Mommy -

Anonymous said...

Art 979....Roasted Eggplant Panini w/a greek side salad...YUM YUM!!

Kercho said...

check out cafe capri for lunch during the week - you can get a massive awesome sandwich for 5 bucks!!

Also - what time is the movie thing, I can't find anything about the palace anywhere online

Hendrick Family said...

Hey Josh...

The movie starts at "dark thirty" the said. Funny!

texasmcvays said...

We love Square One! It a hole in the wall that tastes great and it's economical and cozy.

We also like Mr G's pizzas.

I had no idea they showed a free movie! I would have already been there had I know that! We'll have to put this one on our activity calendar!


Charlie said...

Square One: Cream of Asparagus Soup -- by far the best soup and one of the best 'dishes' in life. Also, it's only for lunch, but the Prime Rid Sandwich is amazing

Casa Rod(riguez): El Mobley ... I can't try anything else

Los Nortenos: Best Cheese Enchiladas in town ... Worst Salsa in life

Mr. G's Pizza: Eat large amounts of awesome pizza and forget that you're a little sweaty.

Papa Perez: Everything I've eaten has been great. Fried Avocado was good but didn't live up to the hype.

I don't do coupons, but I know someone who does.

Hendrick Family said...

I'm laughing at Charlie...

The pizza at Mr. G's is delicious...but Mr. G is mean and grumpy...the place is a DUMP..and every time I think of that place I think of DELICIOUS food, but sweat running down the inside of my clothes.

And YES...I love the food at Los Nortenos...but that salsa is YUCK. It's like someone got halfway through making it and then the phone rang or something.

It's gross.


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