Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Got 20 Swag Bucks?

Then you can get one of these cute, all natural toys for about $3 from a really cool company I just found called Euphoria Baby.

I was sitting down to cash in some Swag Cash this morning, and noticed a new store where you can purchase gift cards with your Swag Bucks.

For only 10 Swag Bucks you can get a $5 e-gift card to Euphoria Baby. Hurry! Tell all your earth loving mommy friends! They will thank you.

Here's how this company is described...

If you care about having the safest, highest quality baby products for your little ones then is a site you must visit!

From BPA-free bottles and sippy cups to non-toxic, organic baby mattresses and truly pure baby skin care, is committed to fostering a natural lifestyle for the green baby. They offer eco-friendly choices like cloth diapers and wooden toys, and encourage families to go green through Euphoria's Blog for the Green Mama.

Still haven't jumped on the Swag Bucks train? Silly goose! Why not make money while searching online? It's so easy, and doesn't take long to get enough Swag Bucks to get gift cards to some of your favorite stores.

Right now, I'm most impressed with how much bang you get for your Swag Bucks at Euphoria Baby.

Check them out!

Want a Swag Bucks Account? Signing up takes about 5 seconds...maybe. Click the cute picture below, and you're on your way to starting your Swag Account.

Search & Win

You can follow Euphoria Baby's blog. There is also a Euphoria Maternity branch of this family run business. Read about the author here. This business is run by a mother and her parents!

If you're into hippy chic mommying, you will love her blog. I'm not a full blown hippy chic mom. You all know that, but I love my hippy mamma friends who share their personal convictions with me. So for my green momma girlfriends...Enjoy!


Mkcoy said...

Hi. It's great what you can get from Swag Bucks. The $5 Amazon GC is only 45 Swag Bucks! I think this is really going to help me out at Christmas time. I'm blogging about how to get more Swag Bucks. It's good fun :)

the herzogs said...

Heather, thanks for sharing about this website and the swagbucks! that is crazy to get $5 for only 10 swagbucks and it is awesome that I am going to be able to get some of the nicer more expensive cloth diapers for FREE! I am so excited about this! Thanks!


euphoriamaternity said...

Thanks, Mama, for posting about my business and linking to my blog. It's hard to get the word out when you're a small, family business. We hope our Swagbucks giftcards turn out to be a good way to meet mamas like you!