Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Way to Enter the Give Away!

I'm hosting a give away.

Read the details here.

At midnight tonight the code to receive 6 Swag Bucks will expire.

Tomorrow, we'll draw for a $20 Target e-gift card, and a $5 e-Amazon gift card. Fun times.

I have one more way for you to enter the drawing today.

Not many people have entered, so your chances of winning are pretty high.

Here's how you enter to win the gift cards:

Send an email to 25 friends, and include me in your email (that makes 26 people total).

My email address...


Tell your friends you are trying to enter a drawing for a $20 e-Target gift card and a $5 e-Amazon gift card. Ask them to read this post...

Swag Buck Promo Give Away

Just for sending the email you will get to enter the drawing.

If one of your friends signs up for Swag Bucks, of course they can enter the drawing too.

Good Luck, and happy emailing.


Hendrick Family said...

Lindsay is now entered!

Way to go!

Will and Kate said...

Hi heather...I'm new to your blog...I just signed up under your code! Can't wait for the drawing...hope I win! This is too cool...I've seen it before, but have never taken the time to actually do it...this should be soo fun!

Hendrick Family said...

Whitney LOPAS is now entered.

I've never written Lopas after Whitney's name. So fun!


The Lopases said...

haha yay!!
i like my new last name....especially when im speaking spanish...people think im mexy :)

the lopases will have a blog soon too :)

Gabbie said...

heather, i entered the other night! i want some bucks!