Friday, May 29, 2009


You must see this movie!

You simply must.

Best Pixar movie ever made.

That's what we think.


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I laughed and I good.

Anonymous said...

Is it depressing? A friend said it was awful. I thought it looked great!

Hendrick Family said...

No! It's not depressing. It will make you cry, which I was NOT expecting. Oh my word...I normally have to prepare myself for sad movies. I hate them. I wasn't prepared for this. So, I had to take off my 3-D glasses, and wipe, wipe, wipe my face...the tears were streaming down like rivers. It's a great story, that made me think long into the night. Never had a kid's movie do that before! We truly loved it.


MacKenzie said...

I saw it this afternoon and I cried three or four times...but I loved it!