Thursday, May 07, 2009

Speaking of Animals

Aaron took us to see Disney's Planet Earth the other night.

When the movie was over, he was pumped.

The boys and I were quiet.

Aaron says, "Did you like the movie?"

The boys all mumble..."no."

Aaron is shocked.



Wife says, "Our planet is terrifying. It scares me to death."

Hayden said, "I didn't like it when the elephant died."

Ashton chimes in...sadly..."All the animals kept dying."

Seriously....our kids break down in a normal Disney movie where one animal dies at the end. This movie had an animal die every five minutes. What were we thinking? After about the third break down, I thought, "We just paid good money to torture our children. Pass us the Parents of the Month award."

I was extremely quiet as we walked out of the movie to our vehicle. I'm sure Aaron was thinking, "Why can't my wife just watch a movie for goodness sake. Why am I married to such a weirdo?" I assure Aaron I try to be normal. He knows I do.

In the car, Aaron tried to lift the sad, solemn spirits sitting in the seats. He said..."Ashton, what part of the movie DID you like?"

Ashton sighed and said in his sweet voice...

"I hated all the parts."

Poor Aaron.

I couldn't think of any parts I liked either.


Bob & Judy said...

It was like that, you know. God made all the animals vegetarian to begin with. Genesis 1:29

Everything ate salads and baked potatoes.

And mangoes.

It's mango season down here, and I'm lovin it.

jdhargrove said...

I'm with Aaron. I'd much rather watch animals eat each other than convince them to become vegans. Then again, I like youth groups and children's programs so my mind must be skewed :)

Hendrick Family said...

You're such a goof ball.

Your mind isn't skewed. It's just different than ours.

What a great thing diversity is. I think God enjoys diversity. Maybe that's why there isn't just one kind of flower, or one kind of tree. There could have been...but there aren't.

Planet Earth also makes me appreciate how diverse our world is, and that diversity must say something about the God who created it.


thoughtsbyryan said...

Maybe you guys should stick to stuff like Wolverine or something.

Makes me wanna go see the movie though. I was always the same way as that though... I hate the thought of killing things (even though a nice bacon wrapped fillet is mucho good).

I did kinda have to get passed those ideas while living in Malawi though. You don't really get the opportunity to be as removed from your food source as we are here. Most of the meat you eat gets to be petted hours before you swallow it. But, you realize real quick that kids and people surviving by killing animals just happens to be the way things work best. Wish it wasn't so... but it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reality of life in America and our sheltering. I long for believers to truly "see" the world out there and how we are to be their light, their hope, because there truly is so much darkenss!
angie d