Monday, May 04, 2009

Seven Years of Color

Seven years ago today, I was handed a baby boy.

I had no idea what was wrapped up in that blanket would

make me laugh more than any other human

make me think I'm losing my mind

make me so scared my insides turn to mush and my legs turn to jelly.

I had no idea as I held you that I was holding the boy whose life would

teach me about suffering as I watched you suffer

refine me and humble me in more ways than I ever believed possible.

This home would be a terribly quiet, incredibly boring place without you in it, Hayden.

We celebrate you today and your creative Maker.

Your life, your love, your mind, your giggle is a fascinating work of art.

You display colors and feelings...talents and beauty...that make me stop, take a second look...pause...and appreciate this world - seeing it the way you see it.

You're a marvel to behold sweet boy.

A masterpiece.

We're so thankful for all the marks and doodles you've left on our souls.

Our souls needed doodling up.

So grateful for how your life has decorated ours.


Pastor Bobby Joe Hendrick said...

SEVEN!?!?!? NOOOO! How did you grow up so fast?

Hayden, you are so precious to us. We love you more than you can imagine, and we can't wait to see all God has planned for your life.

Seven is a very important year. Yours is going to be amazing!

Love, Poppi and Grandma

Aaron said...

Yes, we love the doodling on our souls.

But we don't always love the doodling on the walls of our house or the couch cushions or the back of the seat in the car.

Love you Hayden.

Hendrick Family said...

or the doodling on the front door by the doorbell

or on the school table

or on your face.

love Mom

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday precious one! I can't believe you are SEVEN! Oh my gracious!

We love you to pieces. Hope your day is as special as you are.

Love you!
Uncle Jason, Aunt Lynsey, KK, Laney Rae, and Ruthie

thoughtsbyryan said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Keep writing on everything... if they get mad at you I'll help you paint over it sometime!


Anonymous said...


YEAH, Whoopee, You ROCK, Your too KEWL, Your an AWESOME DUDE!

We love you and hope you have a really really GREAT day!

Love G-Pa and GiGi

The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

We love you and your craziness!

The Mosiers

D.O. said...

How's that happen? Seven? Really?

I remember when you couldn't even talk, Hayden. You weren't saying anything funny back then.

I'm glad you learned to speak English.

Love you!


Lerin said...

Hayden and my Madeleine Sophie are sooooooooo much alike... and I didn't realize they were born just 11 days apart.

Happy Birthday!!!

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!! We love you over here in the Stephens' house!

Feldman Family said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!! The Feldman Crew thinks you rock...and we love you!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

What a lovely letter to your baby!

Duane and Marylou said...

Happy birthday, Hayden.
We love you,
Seven is awesome!

The Hargrove Family said...

We were so blessed to be able to share your special day and your birthday biscuits with you. We love you Hayden!